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Make 14 points can prolong the service life of outdoor awning room can rent aluminum alloy

by:COSCO     2020-08-21
Awning room with its immediacy, big span, natural lighting, long life, beauty, such as outstanding performance, replace traditional architectural form, the requirements of the implementation of construction. is mainly composed of two parts, one is the main body frame of aluminum alloy, secondly, tarpaulins. In general, the service life of aluminum alloy structure for more than ten years, about 5 - and the life of the tent For eight years. Says there industry according to its own export tents, awning room to countries around the world for many years experience, in order to make every customer better to maintain and extend the awning room, we are here to share with you how to extend the service life of awning room correctly. 1, before installation set up tent, should read the installation method, or watch our says there for every customer to provide building installation video, so as to avoid improper installation effect use effect; 2, avoid sharp instrument cut frame tent, affect the use effect. materals for the integrity of the is the precondition of tent can guarantee waterproof windproof function. 3, awning room after use, should be to collect all the spare parts is complete, ready for reuse; 4, dismantling of awning room after the parts, please pay attention to code the heap each bracket on the bearing must not exceed 200 kg; 5, should be light, as far as possible in the process of handling the packaging to prevent damage, so as to avoid loss of outdoor awning room accessories; 6, as in the awning use electrical appliances in the room, please note that wire and iron stand should have good insulation, otherwise there will be an electric shock risk; 7, before the set tent tent, must be carefully survey topography, camp above don't have the Rolling Stones, ourselves and the weathering of rocks; 8 don't near the Banks of the river, the dry season and the dry riverbed tents; 9, as the lightning protection, do not use a tent set up at the top of the mountain or in the open fields, if necessary, please consider to install lightning rod; 10, in the mud or sand when installation, can be dug sewers around, in order to make sure the surface dry covered mainland; 11, tarpaulins are flame retardant effect, but if you need the tent inside the kitchen, please let the flame away from the tent or use fire prevention board isolation, cooking people cannot leave the tent, and install the exhaust fan eliminate lampblack, and should be placed around the awning room fire fighting equipment; 12, predict the local wind more than ten steps, please remove tents in advance; 13 deposit prior to drying tarpaulins, tents, wait for after its recovery and dry, fold to receive and like too late to tarpaulin dry, remember must not far, in order to avoid coloring and mildew, avoid exposure environment requirements, in case of tarpaulins yellow; 14, according to the condition of humidity and local climate, air basks in tarpaulins regularly, in order to avoid breeding ground for bacteria, ruined the tent waterproof coating.
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