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Some Canadians think Canada Day is just another summer holiday.
Others believe that National Day is an opportunity to celebrate and make us Canadians.
Others, however, seize the opportunity to get sunburned and hangover, both of which share the power to turn the face of a person of any ethnic background into a maple appearance --
Canadian flag.
No matter what you did in July 1, you may not have realized that there is a proud and fascinating history of the holiday, and this has not been tarnished by the appropriation of maple leaves by a cursed hockey team.
Here is a brief history of Canada Day, dating back to the first Don Cherry Time to ooze from the original to the quilt: 85 million B, July 1. C. E.
In the late Cretaceous period, mosasaurs, who swam in the shallow water covered in southern Manitoba, were completely unaware of the calendar because they ate chrysanthemum stones and snake dragons.
Meanwhile, in remote areas of rural Quebec, the celebration of Canada Day is as active as it is today.
In July 1, 1867, Canada was established through a constitutional act that unites Nova Scotia and New Brunswick\'s former British colonies with former Canadian provinces, which cover southern Ontario and
During the Federal period, two different songs became the national anthem of the new country: \"God Save the Queen\" and \"Maple Leaf Forever\", which was written that year.
The former is now used only to commemorate the head of state of Canada, and the latter reluctantly lost the battle to become the official national anthem a century later.
Condolence Award: at the closing ceremony of 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Michael Bublé\'s rocking Maple Leaf puzzled the entire planet.
Manitoba joined Canada in July 1, 1870, and the federal anniversary marks a tense time for the small province.
The passage of the Manitoba bill will make the Red River Settlement Federal in July 15.
During this period, the province-in-
Waiting to get into trouble, led by provincial founder Louis Riel, he may begin to realize that he will not be a leader for a long time.
Prior to the arrival of the walseli expedition, Riel fled the province, sending a military force west to suppress so-
Called Red River Rebellion
Riel is worried that walselli will be lynched as soon as he arrives. The present-
The Winnipeg day community in wolselli commemorates this history through violence.
Don\'t let organic groceries and handmade bakeries fool you: it\'s an evil place and it\'s not safe for anyone.
In July 1, 1879, 22 years after the birth of the country, Ottawa designated July 1 as a statutory holiday.
The original name was Dominion Day, which mentioned the country\'s official status under the British Empire.
Second year, Montreal-
Regional musician, a veteran of the United StatesS.
Canada\'s civil war at the request of Lieutenant Quebecgovernor. So yeah —
Canada is from Quebec, like a goalkeeper mask, maple syrup and (
Very likely)
Three things that unite the country.
In July 1, 1917, with a typical low-key Canadian fashion, in the first decades after the founding of Ottawa, Dominion Day was hardly celebrated in any formal way.
This changed on the occasion of the 50 th anniversary of the federal establishment, which unfortunately took place during the First World War.
It\'s hard to celebrate when your husband is blown to pieces somewhere in Europe.
On July 1, 1927, Canada\'s 60 th birthday, railway workers connected metal lines from both sides of the mainland, effectively created a national broadcasting network and laid the foundation for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Successive Liberal and Conservative governments have spent nearly a century withdrawing the bill by weakening the CBC.
Of course, this is done in a typical Canadian low-key way: a 1,000 cut leads to death, rather than rolling with tanks as in other continents.
On July 1, 1946, after the end of World War II, members of parliament in Ottawa voted to change Dominion Day to Canada Day.
But the Senate declined to change the name and offered an exciting alternative: \"Canada\'s national day.
\"Even in 1946, elected officials admitted it was ridiculous lame.
Happily, the Senate is no longer embarrassed.
Now, in addition to strip clubs and pawnshops, it is one of the most respected institutions in Canada.
The only Saskatchewan, July 1, 1958-
The Canadian prime minister who was born decided it was time for Ottawa to celebrate Dominion Day.
A gathering was held in Ottawa, laying the foundation for a series of increasingly complex celebrations on Parliament Hill.
Thanks to Dief, you have to note that this is a holiday in Ottawa in July 1.
In other parts of Canada, especially in remote areas of rural Quebec, this cannot be said.
July 1, 1965 was a decade of change, including the official flag of Canada, which lost the old Union Jack and turned to support the current red --and-
White maple leaf pattern.
This change has been around in Canada, and conservatives believe that Union Jack should be represented in some way, pushing the liberals of the new flag and some within Quebec for the idea that will Fleur-de-lis.
The first Canadian day of Ottawa\'s simplified modern flag was on 1965, when Lester Pearson came to power.
His name is now synonymous with the flag, the UN peacekeeping force and the annoying airport.
The summer of Canada Day\'s centennial celebration in Canada in July 1, 1967 really started, which helped to consolidate the idea of a unique Canadian cultural identity.
It is no coincidence that the summer of 1967 is considered the summer of love, and hippie status is blooming in the baby boomers in Canada and the United States.
Nine months later, a few months around April 1968 were called the Spring of accidental delivery.
In July 1, 1980, after a whole century of unofficial deliberation, Canada defeated Maple Leaf Forever and became the official national anthem of the country.
In Burnaby, B. C. , four-year-
Old Michael boubray began planning his revenge plan.
On July 1, during Pierre Trudeau\'s final term as prime minister, Ottawa finally voted on 1982 to cancel the Dominion Day and call it a Canadian holiday.
The spontaneous celebration broke out in the street. . . well, nowhere.
It has been called Canada Day.
On 1983, the first day of American architect Buckminster Fuller in Canada --
Inventor of the Earth survey Dome
Died in Los Angeles.
Fuller built the Montreal Biosphere for 1967 World Expo 67 in Montreal as the center of Canada\'s centennial celebration.
On July 1, 2014, Canadians can celebrate their national holiday by cheering for the European and Latin American football teams at the World Cup.
Two rounds of 16 games will be held in Sao Paulo and El Salvador.
Is there anything more Canadian than cheering for your parents or grandparents in other countries that have fled in terror?
Sure: eat poutine through your goalie mask and apply maple syrup.
Even in remote areas of rural Quebec, this is an approved Canadian day event. bartley. Kives @ freepressmb.
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