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by:COSCO     2019-08-21
Readers from Balmoral, Brisbane, were spotted last week stealing a precious golf club from their garage.
But revenge may be sweet and swift.
The bad guys were in such a hurry that they left their toolbox and finished the break-
In tools and strange fingerprints or two.
The new couple in Brisbane think she (former? )
The best friend took the recycling a little too far.
When checking the gift, the bride was surprised to find that it included a gift label attached to a friend when he received the gift at his wedding a few months ago. Not only mean-
But also stupid.
Ron Stanton, 78, from Winham, wants people to know he\'s really strong.
After a funeral notice from a man of the same name, Ron, who was previously an old place in Cooper, appeared in the funeral notice
March, a few friends and family members received phone calls about Ron\'s \"death.
Ron thought he had convinced all the living until he received a newsletter from the Inter rugby union\'s past players association, which contained reports of his death.
\"I\'m not sure if I\'m coming or going at the moment,\" joked Ron, one of the first Brisbane league players to win a Sydney career contract, who was St George in 1952.
The working mother was found guilty.
She called home during her business trip and spoke to her 11-year-old son.
He said he missed her very much and had a stomachache.
Later, a little boy who called to register her alleged heartbreak brought her back from orbit.
\"It\'s okay,\" she said now --
Future generations of recovery
\"I was just hungry. \"SAY \"cheese\".
A British cheese dealer posted a webcam on YouTube.
Lovers can watch a large piece of tofu in a year.
A long journey into cheddar cheese.
Not much has happened on Cheddarvision. tv.
Once a week, someone enters the frame and turns the cheese so that the moisture is evenly distributed.
Cheddar cheese is already famous.
The poems and songs about it have been written.
It was invited to the wedding and received an anonymous chocolate and decorated chicken gift at Easter.
Lost Translation?
His physical therapist told some good Mail readers of the pain that the occasional use of a thermos could help ease the pain.
See the rubber on the shelves of Pittsburgh rural discount store
There is no bladder device.
When asked for directions, the young assistant at the checkout counter scratched his head and looked at our shoppers strangely, then said to try a specific aisle.
The reader browsed the bookshelf several times but couldn\'t see what he wanted, so he was disappointed.
Later, recalling the beautiful display of the hot flask he found in the aisle, he understood that the assistants were actually making money technically: they were hot water bottles.
Mr. Real Estate drove from Gold Coast to Brisbane Airport to meet an early
On the flight last morning, when he saw a car turning in front of him, he missed something in the middle of the road.
When he approached, he saw that it was a suitcase and stopped to pick it up.
A few kilometers later, he found another suitcase in the middle of the road, and he stopped again to pick it up.
Upon arriving at the international terminal, he saw a Japanese couple accusing a shuttle bus driver of missing his luggage and reprimanding him. \"Is this it?
He asked the tourists who were confused but very relieved.
German clothing has introduced a caffeine-containing soap that sells to people who don\'t have time for coffee and bathing in the morning.
The company claims that every time you wash your body, it\'s equivalent to two cups of coffee soaking in your pores and keeping you awake for up to four hours.
Lismore Reid goes to a car store to buy headlights for his Toyota Land Cruiser.
\"Is it diesel or gasoline?
Asked the clerk happily.
Camping on the beach is no longer as difficult as before.
The family who set up a frame tent at Rainbow Beach last week was delighted to see a red truck up and down the beach selling necessities-newspapers, water bottles, ice bread and milk, and a van selling ice cubes.
Visitors to a winery in the heart of the Gold Coast asked for tea in Devon, and the waiter told them that they only had English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea. SIX-year-
The resident of old Roma San pakeland was watching pictures of the usual bride and groom in the garden when he suddenly shouted to his friend, \"I just saw the most terrible thing-the children are getting married.
\"After investigation, the young bride and groom is actually a flower boy and a page boy.
Joke boat for the weekend-
The brigadier general\'s club said on the radio at the watchtower: \"Call ship 9.
Ship 9 came in. Calling Boat 9.
Ship 9 came in.
Junior officer: \"We don\'t have ship 9, sir. \" Long pause.
Ship 6, do you have any difficulties? \" – B.
This week\'s Sea View joke Salthouse won a $10 gift.
Send the entry to: good mail for Brisbane 130 GPO Box 4001;
Fax to 3666 6787
Or email smletters @ qnpnewsltd. com.
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