mayor jim watson to fight for ottawa\'s right to party this festival season

by:COSCO     2019-08-07
Grant Hook, director of Canada\'s Yu Jinxiang festival, said he was on the discovery of 68-year-
The old event will not receive a celebration Grant from Ontario.
Festival of May 10-
20, one of the most successful versions of the decade, with cool weather leading to the explosion of tulips, with an estimated attendance of more than 600,000.
Free admission.
He said the film festival has received $100,000 over the past few years.
This year, it applied for $60,000 and spent the money setting up two large tents in Commissioner\'s Park, showing the story of the origins of the festival wartime and the Tulip gift from the Netherlands to Ottawa.
To help break even, Hook hopes the money raised from the online sale of liberating 75 tulips can be used for the deficit.
As part of a previously announced project to mark the 75 th anniversary of Canada\'s liberation of the Netherlands during World War II, 15 exclusive flower bulbs were packed in Dutch orange and available for $15. (
Please go for details. )
\"Watson said the cuts from the Doug Ford government showed a worrying trend, especially since they were not mentioned in the recent provincial budget.
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