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mobile phone review: blackberry storm 9530 - including camera with 3.15mp resolution

by:COSCO     2020-06-09
The trademark of today\'s mobile phone is a variety of functions they have.
Big companies spend huge sums of money on branding their products.
Therefore, talking about mobile phones has actually become an outdated practice.
BlackBerry and other products have many names.
Anyway, this is the subject of our review today, BlackBerry Storm 9530.
Nowadays, the functions included in the mobile phone are almost standard.
Image resolution is now the most important feature, and BlackBerry 9530 is slightly higher than 3 pixels.
9530 there are many more, we will discuss other features with you.
Storm 9530 phones actually have a lot of great features.
There is one, it has a built-in
In the GPS system using the BlackBerry map.
We\'re pretty sure this is the standard purchase license for the GPS database where their name is located.
Another feature is that the media player allows you to use not only MP3 files, but also WMA and AAC files.
Movies in WMV and mpeg 4 format can be viewed on the video player.
As mentioned earlier, the camera has a resolution of more than 3 MP and has the autofocus function.
Not only can you watch the video, you can also shoot the video, while the LED flash allows you to adjust the brightness.
Storm 9530 BlackBerry touch screen-
Based on technology.
All basic SMS features are included, and now you can modify the file as well.
With Bluetooth technology integrated with BlackBerry 9530 phones, WiFi access and listening to music online is feasible.
The world\'s first clickable screen is integrated into a Storm 9530 phone.
The intention behind this is to provide a relaxed feeling for people.
It is designed to mimic certain actions of a normal keyboard.
Other supported features are individual and multiple
Touch to interact with different applications.
A good feature is to have access to other phone providers so the GPS can connect to Verizon Wireless.
Also, you can take advantage of this service no matter where you are.
BlackBerry Storm has 1gb of memory 9530;
But it can be extended to 16 gb.
Today, many of us have a lot of email accounts, and a great feature is that you can have up to ten accounts for both business and personal use.
We all know how many people send and receive text messages, and there are a lot of instant messaging services that can be used.
The fully charged battery will last for six hours during continuous use.
Although Storm 9530 phones are outdated, there is still a large market for some consumers.
For example, not everyone can afford the latest and greatest of mobile technology.
Similarly, many people do not have a strong desire to surf the Internet from their mobile phones.
The market needs only one mobile phone to do the job reliably.
As a result, manufacturers often find it profitable to renovate old phones and sell them. Walmart.
Com, eBay and other similar websites have a lot of information about fixed units available for sale.
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