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Mobitecture: Radical homes for life on the move

by:COSCO     2019-08-20
In recent decades, architects have designed buildings that are higher, smaller and more sustainable than ever before.
But for those who want to take home while traveling, it\'s time to give up the traditional trailer to float a cabin or trampoline tent.
READ: The most incredible place to escape the fierce competition, \"Mobitecture: architecture on the move\", new book by design writer Rebecca Locke, shows a large number of new mobile housing structures inspired by growing urbanization and new materials.
From the umbrella room to the floating sauna, this book highlights the often quirky design solutions designed to make the mobile structure fashionable and practical.
Bruno\' up, created by Bruno de Glenner and Nicholas de Ursel Credit: Nicholas de Ursel, surprising form, material, color, size and location roke wrote in the introduction: \"Mobitecture shows that the architecture is evolving. \".
\"In the face of major social and political issues that affect our daily lives, the joy and entertainment that these structures offer may be more valuable than ever before.
\"Read: The most beautiful contemporary cotton in the world, although the focus of this book may be on design, vivid photos of the surrounding wilderness make it difficult for people to resist the urge to pack things back to nature.
\"It can be said that the reason why mobile structures have a lasting appeal is because they allow us to get rid of the conventional limitations of our daily lives,\" explains Roke . \".
\"Adaptable, lightweight, responsive to local conditions, and able to travel almost anywhere easily: these inherent qualities of\" mobitecure \"mean the opposite of the bricks we normally fixand-mortar-
There must be.
Mobitecture: buildings in Mobile by Rebecca Roke, published by Rebecca idon, is now available.
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