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Most Popular Primetime TV Shows

by:COSCO     2019-08-20
Com this season released Nielsen TV ratings for prime-time Internet TV.
We looked through and found some surprises.
The following are the 15 most popular online TV shows in the United States as of February 7, 2010 (
When the data was released recently).
Image Source: Getty ImagesNetwork: ABC audience: 14,808,000 the medical drama tells the story of Meredith Gray, one of a group of young doctors at a hospital in Seattle.
But please don\'t confuse the TV doctor with the real doctor.
It turns out that they often don\'t know what they\'re doing.
According to a study by the American Academy of Neurology on how television doctors treat seizures, \"inappropriate practices, including suppressing patients, in 25 cases, nearly 46% of the cases have occurred attempts to stop involuntary movements or put things into the mouth.
In 17 seizures, that is, about 29% of the time, emergency management was properly shown.
The suitability of first aid could not be determined in 15 seizures or in 25% incidents.
Photo credit: ABC.
CBS audience: the successful show of 14,838,000 (
The highest-rated sit com on TV)
It\'s a cash cow for CBS, but the recent and ongoing troubles of star Charlie Sing could actually put the series and the network\'s finances at risk. The L. A.
The Times reported that \"Xin was charged last week with a felony threatening others and was charged with two lighter charges for Christmas in Aspen, Colorado.
Police say he attacked and threatened his wife, Brooke Miller.
Xin was released on bail and pleaded not guilty and will return to court for hearing in March 15.
If convicted, he could face three years in prison . . . . . . CBS may find itself in an unenviable situation, which may require the announcement of a fall schedule heavily dependent on \"Men\" and not even shooting new episodes from late summer
This could have an economic impact on the network, as the \"high end\" market is the place of sale for most of the business hours in late spring and early summer.
Photo source: CBS.
ComNetwork: CBS audience: 15,100,000 \"the elite team of FBI investigators analyzed the most-
Distorted criminal ideas, predict their next steps before the perpetrators attack again.
\"The success of this show led to a spin --
Off, which is currently in progress, proves that the network is seeking further cash and may create a franchise in accordance with the law and order as well as the idea of CSI.
Criminal Mind
Will skewer Whitaker and Bo Garrett.
Photo source: CBS.
ComNetwork: ABC audience: 15,294,000 favorite of Anderson Cooper, the only crime committed by this TV show brand is to inspire Salah people to the White House party.
If you haven\'t seen the show yet, you may have a new reason: Heidi Krum will reportedly be with Paulina boritzkova, another former model
It should be aired sometime next month.
You can recognize her from her other TV show, she is the host of the T-station project.
Photo Source: ABC
CBS, obvs audience: 15,526,000 football! Go team!
Sports analysis!
You have to hit the ground to win the game.
None of the other sports commentators understand this.
Since CBS recently aired this year\'s Super Bowl, some football diehard have hoped the network would give viewers \"a little more football and a little less peripheral \".
Image Source: Getty ImagesNetwork: CBS audience: 15,757,000 Las Vegas. Crimes.
Forensic investigators always resolve these crimes conveniently before the end of the incident.
What else do you want? (
If you\'re a huge fan of spin
Miami, like me, you should definitely try your luck in CBS\'s new talent search.
You see, the network is looking for \"The Best Imitation of Lieutenant horshaw Kane, the chief detective of the show \".
\"You have to upload your video by February 22.
The winner received a $5,000 bonus and a right to brag forever. )
Photo source: CBS.
ABC audience: 16,145,000 dance professionals work with super-famous celebrities.
\"At least one couple is eliminated every week, although more than one couple will be sent home in a few weeks, and the winning team will receive the coveted shot ball trophy.
\"That\'s not the case for me unless the contestants start killing each other and there\'s a CSI team brought in to look into the fingerprint of the mirror ball.
I will see it.
In an interesting event, the collaboration of the program
Host Samantha Harris has announced that she will not be back in the 10 th season starting in March 22.
Former contestant and winner of the show Brooke Burke is reported to be considered by the producer as a new partner
Host. . . It\'s cool.
Win a mirror ball trophy and get a lucrative TV host.
Burke confirmed the authenticity of the rumor through her Twitter page, telling fans that she will do a screen test of the position sometime next week and \"pray \".
Photo credit: ABC.
CBS audience: 16,642,000 former psychic helped law enforcement solve the crime problem.
The show\'s star, Simon Baker, was recently asked in an interview what he thought was the secret to the success of the psychic.
He explained: \"We are not slaves like many shows in the eyes of the psychoists.
We don\'t use DNA, we don\'t use a microscope.
I don\'t even have a gun.
This is a very old one.
The discovery of truth in human nature is an outdated expression.
Patrick Jane is part of Columbus, part of Kojak.
He used his keen powers of observation and many old things.
Help to solve the crime of speculation. ” That’s funny.
I\'m part of Kojak too.
I\'m also a member of Chuck Norris.
Photo source: CBS.
CBS audience: 16,768,000 undercover agents protect our country from terrorist attacks.
The show adopted the CSI model, which greatly increased the stakes.
In addition, the success of the program may also lead to more racially diverse radio programs.
According to recent reports, \"ncis: la\" has achieved great success and has become the first popular TV series starring black actors (
With the help of Chris O\'Donnell)
CBS replaced \"Crime Scene Investigation\" star William Peterson with Lawrence Fishburn.
\"Since NCIS: LA and CSI have done so, maybe more shows will turn to non-
White man who plays the leading role.
Photo source: CBS.
ComNetwork: ABC audience: 18,171,000 it is understandable that there are more viewers in the actual program than the results of the program.
Obviously, you all like to see celebrities dancing overnight.
I prefer to see them perform on the big screen or not at all.
Photo Source: ABC
19,364,000 I really like football on Sunday night.
For any other name, though, it\'s an excuse to eat buffalo wings and \"slam\" Bud Light pitchers.
However, one thing NBC likes about Sunday night football is that, according to the Advertising Age, \"NBC\'s\" Sunday Night Football \"is still the most popular --
Expensive fall items for advertisers, 30-
According to an Advertising Age survey of media buying companies, the average price of the second ad was $339,700.
Image Source: NBC Sports Network: CBS audience: 20,497,000 NCIS classic is also very popular.
If you want to know, the acronym represents the Navy Criminal Investigation Bureau.
It may be more popular than football, but its advertising costs are not close.
Only $133,304 per $30second spot.
Photo source: CBS.
Fox audience: the program on Wednesday night 26,556,000 did a good job.
However, there have been some changes to the recipe for this season: \"comedy talk show host Alan djerney replaced judge Paula Abdul and joined senior judge Simon Cowell, randy Jackson and Carla diogadi returned in the hit reality series for the ninth season.
Ryan Seacrest also returns as a host.
Photo Source: American Idol.
ComNetwork: Fox audience: 28,407,000 American Idol did better the night before, attracting more than 1 audience.
An increase of 8 million viewers over Wednesday\'s broadcast.
Interestingly, now that American Idol competes with the Olympics, it still holds its own things: \"At their first head --to-
Fox\'s \"American Idol\" easily boarded NBC\'s report of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and music stars barely missed a night-like beat a year ago.
\"Maybe you should thank Alan dejeris.
Photo Source: American Idol.
ComNetwork: CBS audience: there are many viewers in 38,654,000.
In this program, the company\'s top dogs regularly enter
Hold senior positions in their own company . . . . . . They go \"undercover\" and understand how the company actually does business.
The name Undercover Boss.
The premise is good, of course, but this has become a blow out of control, which is a bit surprising.
Well, it\'s a strong premise that the show premiered after the Super Bowl.
The audience seemed to like it so much that they came back to watch the second episode where they followed the CEO of the owl.
The owl even has a CEO, which is a little weird, right?
Photo source: CBS. comWait!
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