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Multi-function hangar tent can be applied to military park or a private jet

by:COSCO     2020-08-20
Along with economic development, a lot of people don't pursue fashion sports car now, more and more people learning to drive mini plane. While buying a plane is easy, but difficult to dock in its maintenance costs and expenses. You can check the universal dock an airport location requires tens of thousands of yuan. In order to solve this situation, says there as early as 2014 began its development for household and military aircraft canopy room full custom. Says there tents awning room full custom plane span for 18 50 meters, the side is 6 meters high, covered the roof of the height of the ground is 8. 8 m - 14 meters, it is specifically for helicopters and civilian aircraft, military aircraft, such as design, referred to as full custom awning room or aircraft hangar tent. Full custom tent using the framework of the high strength aluminum alloy for aircraft, tarpaulins chosen is with uv protection, flame retardant, shading function of PVC tarpaulin, awning room span up to 80 meters. We can also according to your size of the aircraft, and stop the terrain size, to adjust the height and width of awning room. To customize the look of your aircraft awning room all plastic is varied, such as a-line, arc, peach shape choice, beautiful shape and easy, safety performance is high, firm structure, resistance to wind eed of 100 - 120km/h。 In order to use more convenient and reasonable, awning room can add other parts, such as: work floor, door, sandwich wall, flexible doors, ventilation Windows, insulation, ventilation, etc. , make the helicopter in the hangar tent also can get inside the room maintenance, and convenient maintenance personnel on the plane for a long time to check and repair work. Or what we says there has been the sales concept - 'Prefabricated awning room, one-stop service'. Says there is muti_function full custom tent can according to your site for aircraft and the demand for mobile and repeatedly disassembling, high cost performance, is the plane very good choice. If you just need a frame tent, welcome to our customer service information, we will provide the best quality service for you at the first time and plan.
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