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Oktoberfest greenhouses safety performance?

by:COSCO     2020-09-01
Summer is a good time have held a lot of activity, however many traditional interior architecture has been unable to meet the demand of today's festival activities. At that time, oktoberfest greenhouses can will come in handy, size large flexible space, let the oktoberfest beer festival activities never leave the greenhouses. Actually for brewers, electricity or entity, all need a room for beer. Events, too, but in today's era of soaring prices, we have to rely on the flexibility of the outdoor building to reduce spending. The oktoberfest awning room is such a outdoor temporary warehouse, and outdoor activities can be a one-off. So how are the security performance of the oktoberfest greenhouses? Oktoberfest greenhouses, that is, we often say the awning room, aluminum profile is used for frame tent manufacturer for many on the market at present, there are also many but for aluminum alloy material sort, says there is adopted by the two high quality aluminum alloy, the performance is good, solid security structure, which can effectively resist 8 - 10 class gale, service life not less than 20 years. And top using double-sided coated PVC knife scraping around cloth, has the wind and rain, prevent bask in flame retardant and self-cleaning performance, use fixed number of year of no less than five years. The combination of both, can effectively guarantee the oktoberfest held activities smoothly. is a modular manner, just like the children to play the 'building blocks' of, take a flexible, and can be used repeatedly. 3 - span range 60 meters, the length can be according to 3 m or 5 m multiples of infinite extension, even if the size is too small, can also be increased at late. Oktoberfest shed internal structure and the supporting facilities can also according to the characteristics of the activity to design choices, in order to better adapt to the activity requirements. So in terms of safety performance, customers can rest assured use.
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