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by:COSCO     2019-08-24
Most of us are familiar with the old saying: \"If you love something, free it.
\"It is not only a lovely emotion for artists, it is also a constant practice.
As individuals who are born to need to translate our thoughts and feelings into visual, tactile and auditory forms, we rarely have reserved intentions.
That is to say, there is a real connection between artists and their works.
As long as it\'s on the record, art
The production was compared with the delivery process and painting of the offspring.
While physically, conceptually, this comparison seems absurd.
I heard a lot of women say that when she first felt the child moving in her growing belly, she initially made contact with her child.
Others said the connection began when they learned that they were pregnant.
Some artists have been associated with their work since the moment of conception.
In the execution process, I am connected with my.
Once the composition is in place, the work conveys its color to me, and I know that I have started a new complex relationship.
I say the complexity is because, aside from Romanticism, these relationships are not always about wine and roses.
I have had a lot of unstable relationships with a non-cooperative painting.
I see that most of these are done, just politely and kindly parted ways;
This is a common decision, I tell you.
Sometimes I stop halfway.
On the canvas before me, I shamefully admit: \"It\'s not you. It\'s me.
\"Nevertheless, the painting process is often a wonderful adventure, and the result is that if it is not very much like a descendant, it is like a good friend. . .
Then what you show and try to sell.
Sometimes artists accept the fact that they will no longer share space with the paintings they create and gradually love.
The painting is shipped to a gallery after it is finished, where it will definitely be adopted by a holiday couple, who will decide at the moment they see it, in their lives, without the work, they can\'t hold on for another day.
The couple will buy the work immediately and they will live a happy life from now on. \"La Sonora\" (The Songstress)
The acrylic on the canvas may be the artist\'s dream, but we know very well that selling art is not always that simple.
A painting can be hung on the wall of the gallery, appreciated and even praised for years without finding a home forever.
Sometimes a painting has to resort to doing some Gallery jumps before finding its rightful owner.
\"La Sonora\" is like this. It spent two years in a gallery in New Jersey and went home last year, just in time for Thanksgiving.
It\'s usually bittersweet to go home with a beloved piece.
It\'s great to reunite with the work and welcome it back to your life or art space, but of course, you prefer it to be sold.
It\'s kind of like trying to get your kids on vacation, but don\'t move back permanently.
I enjoyed our eight.
It\'s time for her to move on.
Her adoptive parents are somewhere, I\'m sure.
No matter how attached I am to a work, I am always ready to release it because I have gained from my work what is needed in the creative process.
Once the painting left my studio, it felt great to know that they went to a place where they would be loved and cared --
In return, they will bring joy to their new owners, friends and family.
If there is only painting, like children going to college and other places, they can write home occasionally.
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