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Outdoor awning room to have what performance?

by:COSCO     2020-08-28
Now we can see in the many activities activities of awning room, whether it's etiquette celebration, business conference and exhibition industry categories are in use. Why tent so popular for outdoor activities? I think it should be and its performance is inseparable. First is everyone concerned about the safety problems: the safety of outdoor activities frame tent is we can see: high quality aluminum alloy materials as a framework, double-sided coated PVC knife scraping the cloth as a top cloth and cloth, on the design of the two original security levels and add a. Aluminum profile which has characteristics such as corrosion resistance, good appearance, safe and stable, the service life of not less than 20 years, can effectively guarantee product safety; PVC tarpaulin with wind rain, prevent bask in flame retardant and self-cleaning performance, service life can be up to five years. Next is about practical: outdoor awning room or other tent products, the requirement of foundation are not too big, usually concrete, such as grass can be easily set up. And the whole tent structures, it is used for modular design, convenient and flexible as 'building blocks', can be repeated disassembly and reuse. Inside the tent, and there is no any pillar support, even large mechanical equipment in and out of the pressure, and can make full use of interior space, practicality is very high. In addition to this, of course, we are most concerned about the economy: speaking of economy, the first thought is price. Says there tent manufacturer recommendations for the general customers, when choosing awning room or economy applicable awning room is given priority to, such as general activity or storage, the choice of the herringbone roof, arch, such as conventional frame tent, such conventional awning room relatively higher cost performance; And distinctive activities or celebration, you can choose to use transparent frame tent or even for spherical tent, etc. , for the specific need according to your actual needs. In addition to the above three points, tent and other advantages, for outdoor activities are different in this one. Anyhow, outdoor activities, appearance and application of the tent, brought our activities held more fast, fun and convenient. If you have related needs, please tell us your idea, we will give you recommend.
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