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Outdoor spherical awning room how to deal with snow

by:COSCO     2020-08-17
Awning room as the need to use for a long time in the outdoor architecture, is a more superior ability to resist wind and snow, but if meet like the sharp cold weather now or like the snow weather in the north, snow safety, easy to make the frame tent for the awning room how to deal with the north snow snow? Says there are regular frame tent is for 8 - resistance 10 class gale, carry 50 - 80 kg / ㎡ snow load, but if two are used in the blizzard north environment, says there will be according to the using area for many years the weather data of calculation, choose thicker for snow awning room specifications of the material, to ensure the safety in frame tent can deal with all kinds of outdoor weather conditions, even under the environment of the north wind and snow can use for a long time, but if meet the bad storm weather when the building was suggested to take the following measures:
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