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Outdoor sports activity tent and the difference between the traditional sports stadium for aluminium alloy and advantages

by:COSCO     2020-08-17
For the problem of domestic indoor venues, there are a new kind of solution, using the mature technology of prefabricated construction makes the movable awning room sporting venues, the frame tent sports venues for this advantage in where? First take a look at the tent can this kind of temporary buildings as sports stadiums? Answer this question, first look at the indoor sports venues basic function, the movement of 1, provide enough capacious space 2, zhefengdangyu for sports. in the rain or snow load resistance, etc. The weather has been very good performance, there are 3 - on the specifications Do not set limit choice, 60 m span length, even if the net across thousands of square space is no problem, you can ensure that any sports in the frame tent venues for space activities are not restricted! stadiums for comparing traditional venue where the most prominent aspect? Save cost, efficient building: compared with traditional venue of a large number of building materials, the venue on the materials and artificial awning room can save a lot of cost, at the same time, two parts are in the precast factory production, just put the parts to build assembly can be finished at the scene, tent stadiums for thousands of square just a few days can be set up to complete! Resolve land, venues idle: as the two venues for building site without special requirement, so all kinds of outdoors for idle terrain in the building, and low floor attic is can be used to build, not only reduce the cost, also can effective use of land resources. And many for large-scale sports events and sports venues, often at the end of the race because of single function and become idle, but sports venues awning room can be directly removed after use, at the same time follow-up can also reuse and migration to use! venue for a variety of solution options: besides there are so many choices on the specifications and types, says there can also according to customer's different sports demand and cost budget, in addition can also build a variety of other different needs. If you are just interested in the outdoor sports activity awning room, you can feel free to contact our customer service, we will give you in the first place to the high quality solutions.
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