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Outdoor tent can be used in the plum rainy season for logistics?

by:COSCO     2020-09-13
With the increase of market demand, tent products for logistics arises at the historic moment. Logistics in the outdoor awning room after put into use, also gradually got the consistent favour of various enterprises. See another period of time will be the rainy season, so logistics outdoor awning room can be used in the plum rainy season? The answer is, of course, tent is very popular for logistics, cannot leave its waterproof and can meet a lot of the goods storage requirements. For logistics warehousing awning room, to do a good job of water-proofing more economic way is to use high specifications of the double coated PVC fabric. Because the tarpaulin often to protect against the weather outside, so this needs analysis has a good waterproof, sunscreen, sunscreen, flame retardant, resistance to tear, and other functions, in this way can we more comfortable after use. In addition, we also want to do a good job in related in drainage drains can be selected or select the corresponding PVC waterproof sand bags, etc. , can effectively prevent the plum rains season storm damage. Of course, if the customer has other special or specified requirements, we can customize for you. Says there awning room as a frame tent manufacturer of building experience for many years, can be customized for the client to deal with many practical problems, makes it a lot of enterprise idea of a good seller. Says there outdoor logistics warehousing frame tent, in both now and in the future, will be applied to more areas, will also continue to present new storage form of industry.
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