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Outdoor tent to build the new flow for prefabricated no one store

by:COSCO     2020-08-18
In recent years, under the impact of the artificial intelligence technology, no one supermarket, convenience stores, such as zero artificial store. Involve rise, become the fresh air to promote social development. Awning room as a prefabricated mobile construction, obtains the national support, has an important role in the development of the future will be. At present, there is no supermarket has begun in traditional architecture in the trial operation; In the future, no retail subscription will be widely used in mobile construction. So frame tent manufacture for says there have been constantly promote the prefabricated awning room, is the demand for more customers at the same time, to establish trust in the safety performance of the frame tent and recommend the practicability of this tent. No retail custom flexibility, structures, short time limit, the easy disassembly drag, can be repeated use, very convenient, is not restricted by field, span generally is 5 m, if you have any special requirement, also can do 60 m, the length of the infinite extension. No retail custom shape diversity, various sizes, to meet the requirements of the different custom. No one no one in addition to retail stores and supermarkets, convenience store nor can be achieved in the frame tent. In security, there is no retail custom support and fittings adopt aluminum alloy material is more solid and durable, not easy to rust, resistance to wind speed of 80 km/h. No retail custom tarpaulin with flame retardant PVC tarpaulin, has the wind resistance, waterproof, flame retardant, good performance of uv protection. No retail custom internal no pillar, awning installed inside the central air conditioning, floor MATS, lighting and other supporting facilities, provides a safe and comfortable environment. If you just want to start running my own small shops, but worry about the problem of capital turnover and location selection, you can feel free to contact our customer service, we will make the optimal solution for your store, and provide one-stop assembly services, says there awning room let you all the way.
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