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Outdoor wind resistance of aluminium alloy big awning room whether can be used as a workshop

by:COSCO     2020-08-18
Awning room at present more and more applied in the field of industrial compared to the traditional architecture is more flexible economy, so many enterprises of raw material warehouse, logistics, warehouse, production workshop and other industrial applications are beginning to use aluminum alloy greenhouses, the aluminum alloy plant canopy can be used to do? Whether aluminium greenhouses appropriate as the factory, the first is to see if it could meet all kinds of factory space, whether can satisfy the use of factory daily operation, the second is the awning room safety and soundness of the factory, can deal with all kinds of outdoor weather, finally, the service life of aluminum alloy greenhouses, whether it can meet the requirements of factory use for a long time. Awning room availability: general factory is need a large area of space, in this alloy is can completely satisfy the greenhouses, routine says there can provide industrial frame tent is 3 - specifications 60 m span, infinite length can be 5 meters interval extension, so creating tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of square meters of factory space is no problem, internal net is unimpeded across space at the same time, more convenient all kinds of daily application of the factory. And there are a variety of options on awning room type, can satisfy the office of factory, warehouse, workshop are different application requirements.
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