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Say goodbye to the plum rainy season in the dog days, your warehouse tents ok?

by:COSCO     2020-09-21
Every summer will usher in the rainy season in June, outdoor storage tents will usher in a wave after wave of rainwater challenge. Now off the mei girl, ushered in the hot dog days, your warehouse greenhouses ok? How to keep the awning room internal dry and fire prevention has become the present a lot of customer care. First of all, we need before the plum rainy season on the shop floor, where 30 cm above the ground on the shop keel, keel then covered the floor of the aluminum alloy frame, if the rain in the need to clean up in time; In dog days need to dry and ventilated, dry. Secondly, more rain in the rainy season, rain time not sure, we need to do is pull wai cloth all around, prevent into the rain. In volts, the weather, we still need to do this, can be installed indoors air conditioning to achieve cooling effect. In addition, wai cloth at the bottom of the need to use heavy pressure, to prevent big frame tent blowing wind. And inside the frame tent, in addition to put air conditioning, we still need to put a wet machine and fan device, faster solve the problem of moisture. In dog days, we need to open the area of cloth, dry ground, maintain air convection. Both in storage tents awning room or warehouse, in order to facilitate our goods of goods storage, protection, but in use at the same time, we also need to undertake maintenance, so as to extend the service life of awning room better.
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