Scientists emerge from Mars simulation dome after enduring 12 months of total isolation

by:COSCO     2019-08-12
In the past year, a group of people at the monaloa dome can only go out in space suits.
At the end of the simulation on Sunday, scientists appeared.
Cyprien Verseux, a crew member from France, said the simulation showed that the Mars mission could be successful.
\"I can give you my personal impression that the mission to Mars in the near future is realistic.
\"I think technical and psychological barriers can be overcome,\" Verseux said . \".
Christiane Heinicke, a German worker, said scientists were able to find their own water in a dry climate.
\"To show that it works, you can actually get water from the seemingly dry ground.
This will work on Mars, which means you can get water on Mars from this small greenhouse building, \"she said.
Tristan bassint water, PhD candidate for architecture at the University of Hawaii, serves as a crew architect.
\"Er, the ongoing research here is very important for selecting staff and figuring out how people will actually perform different types of tasks,\" bassingthwaighte said. \"This is a human factor in space travel, colonialism, whatever you\'re actually looking. \".
Kim Binsted, chief researcher, space exploration simulation and simulation, Hawaii (HI-SEAS)
The researchers are looking forward to entering the ocean and eating fresh produce and other foods that are not available in the dome, he said. “HI-
Ocean is an example of international cooperative research hosted and managed by the University of Hawaii.
So it\'s really exciting to be able to welcome the crew back to Earth and back to Hawaii after a year on Mars, \"Binsted said.
NASA funded the study through the University of Hawaii.
Binster says the simulation is the second.
After a 520-day mission in Russia, it was the longest.
Scientists in Hawaii simulation are managing limited resources while conducting research and avoiding personal conflicts.
The story first appeared on the news. com. au.
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