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Second-hand awning room - What are the advantages of second-hand awning room?

by:COSCO     2020-09-05
Compared with the traditional fixed architecture, known as the 'mobile properties' awning room more and more popular, especially in warehousing, logistics and other industries. Some choose to purchase tent, some choose to lease awning room, among them there are some enterprises in order to save costs and choose to buy second-hand awning room. ( - for says there Warehousing awning room) So, second-hand awning room is ok or not? Is worth buying? Now a lot of tent or for warehousing logistics canopy awning room, such as its frame is aluminum alloy material. The aluminum alloy has a strong corrosion resistance and high mechanical hardness, 20 - long service life 30 years, even in the tent can also use 3 - outside For five years. So to sum up, even if it is used or lease awning room, safety without any problems. So the tent can not only understand, for enterprises to select the secondary and the commonly used awning room is worth buying. ( - for says there Warehousing awning room) What are the advantages of second-hand awning room? First of all, second-hand awning room price is relatively cheap, the price advantage is more obvious. It is easy to understand, second-hand tent is used for tent, when buying second-hand awning room price is definitely much cheaper than new tent house price. And as mentioned above, used the safety performance of awning room completely don't worry, it also makes the second-hand awning room has become very high cost performance. Second, second-hand awning room can be applied to many aspects of the activity. Can from a storage tent, exhibition tent or activities for frame tent, tent surface maintenance for as long as it is good, from basic to one into new appearance, can let you have a good and inexpensive second-hand awning room, especially for those who need to use and is not particularly high activity to awning room requirement, not only cost savings, and can meet the demand. Above all, secondhand awning room's advantage is obvious, if you have needs, you can choose to second-hand awning room. Awning room, of course, if you have higher requirements, says there is still suggest you to buy a new tent, not only appearance is novel, and more secure. If you have any question, welcome tent company for consulting says there, we can for you to customize your own characteristic awning room!
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