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shera dolls at 6 new outlets

by:COSCO     2020-04-13
Six retail stores selling goods for the Commonwealth Games opened in the capital on Monday, suspending complaints about the games
Related goods are not available yet.
So far, the items have only been sold at a retail store within the headquarters of the organizing committee of Palika Kendra and are available through four mobile vans covering schools in Delhi and the capital region.
Of the six new retail stores, one opened outside the OC headquarters, as security restrictions within the Palika Kendra building created difficulties for customers and damaged sales.
OC\'s sales partners, Premier Brands, have opened other stores in game Village, Connaught Square, Hari Nagar, Janakpuri and kidbindo Marg.
According to Suresh Kumar, chairman of top brands, so far people have responded well with only one store selling about Rs.
An average of 75,000 per day.
He added that a total of 100 retail stores will be put into operation in the city this week to meet the needs of Delhi citizens. Mr.
Kumar attributed the delay in opening the retail store to OC\'s failure to adhere to the release date of June 25.
The product was finally launched in September 2.
\"Our sales target is Rs nationwide. 100 crore.
But due to the puzzling delay on The OC side, we have a revised Rs target. 8-10 crore.
Now, we can only sell goods in Delhi and NCR, not in the country . \"Kumar. Mr.
Kumar had earlier threatened to withdraw from the sales contract, saying he suffered losses due to delays.
\"I\'m with them just because I\'m a patriotic citizen,\" he said . \"T-
Shirts, hats and mugs are the best
Items have been sold so far.
Vuvuzela is the star attraction on the day of the launch of the goods and will start selling on Tuesday.
\"There are still 4,000 orders for Vuvuzelas.
We did 50,000 pieces in total.
\"The company has also produced 25,000 Shera soft toys, another item that is popular with customers.
Vuvuzela and soft toys were imported from China.
All game items are affordable between Rs. 25 and Rs. 300.
Items can also be purchased on the top brand website www. premierbrands. in.
But the sales on the site are not impressive. Kumar said.
Facilities for credit card payment will be available within a day or two.
So far, mobile vans have accepted orders for value Rs.
20 lakh from Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon schools.
Trucks visit 11 schools on average every day.
The mobile van showed the school sample merchandise during the school visit, and later the school collected the order from the students and passed it on to the top brands.
Fast Trax, the Commonwealth Games food permit holder for all stadiums, will also sell game merchandise in its food stores and restaurants.
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