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Smackdown: Yellowstone vs. Yosemite—America\'s best national park

by:COSCO     2019-08-10
The best national park in America: Who do you have?
Is the semi-dome still loyal?
Is the towering fountain of Yellowstone or the majestic waterfall of Yosemite?
Are the bald eagles and buffaloes in Yellowstone, or are the black bears and big horn sheep in Yosemite?
Both of America\'s largest and most popular parks have the world\'s most spectacular scenery, thriving wildlife and untracked wilderness.
But should the two parks be declared better?
Some interesting facts and heated debates may help you choose the winner.
The case of Yellowstone National Park is the first national park in the world.
It is the largest park in 48 states.
The largest number of wild bison in the world.
And a location.
Half of the world\'s known hot water features, including the old faithful fountain, as well as bubbling mud tanks, spent Hot Springs, steaming vents, and super-curious sculptures made of silica fountains
In terms of wildlife or geothermal, Yellowstone National Park is better than Yosemite National Park, but there are also a lot of outdoor activities in the park.
More than thousand miles of hiking routes, camp 2,000, per yearround lodging —
Compete with anything Yosemite offers.
Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park became the first national park in the United States. S.
The creation of the park gained momentum with the help of railway administrators, all of whom wrote, \"let Congress pass a bill that retains the huge fountain basin (Yellowstone)
Always as a public park
Just like it retains a far superior wonder like Yosemite Valley and Big Tree. ”Size: 2.
The three states cover an area of 2 million acres.
This area is over 3,400 square miles, almost three times the size of Yosemite National Park, making Yellowstone the largest national park in 48 states.
Number of visitors: The park has an average of more than 3 million visitors per year, a record high.
2010 6 million.
Iconic attractions: Old Faithful broke out about 17 times a day, creating 130
Tower of water.
It is one of the 300 geysers in the park and is part of the 10,000 \"hot water features\" of the world\'s most fascinating geological landscape.
The old faithful fountain erupts.
Istockplace accommodation: in addition to wilderness camping, RV camp, old camp, there are more than 2,000 camps in Yellowstone
School Lodge and Old Faithful Inn, the hundred-year-
Considered the old structure of the world\'s largest wooden house.
Wildlife: Yellowstone is home to buffalo roaming. more than 4,000 bison graze on the grassland of the park.
Yellowstone is also home to dozens of bald eagles who soar above the landscape.
What\'s more American than this? !
Wolves, Grizzlies, elk, moose and coyotes are among the 67 mammals in the park, the largest in 48 states.
What is Yosemite?
A group of brown bears broke into the car for the granola bar.
Waterfalls: waterfalls in Yosemite National Park, but Yellowstone provides 290 waterfalls a year. round.
The highest waterfall is 308 feet metres down the Yellowstone River.
The upcoming volcano destruction is 2/10 metres.
Although Yellowstone is located in the crater of the super volcano, no volcano scientist said that Yellowstone may erupt this week, this month or this year.
There are parks in all seasons? Absolutely!
Snowmobiles, snowshoes and crosses
Skiing is available on a winter guided tour.
Visitors can try what Yosemite doesn\'t have: take a big bike
The terrain van running on the pedal gives you access to bison and elk in any weather.
Go there in the spring and you may see the little red bison, the wobbly little elk, and the cute little bear playing on the grass.
Visit in the summer and you can escape the heat.
You will not face a large number of people in autumn.
Old Faithful will still shoot the fountain as scheduled.
Yosemite\'s reason Teddy Roosevelt declared, \"there is nothing more beautiful in the world than Yosemite.
He said, camping there \"is like lying in a solemn and solemn cathedral, which is more magnificent and beautiful than any church built by human beings.
The towering peaks of the semi-dome and El Capitan, the sparkling brittali falls, dotted with wild flowers on the vast grass, and the Giant Sequoia reach the sky --
All these features are combined to create an unparalleled natural environment on Earth.
This didn\'t even add to the wildlife, not to mention camping, mountain climbing, hiking, biking and almost endless adventures in the park.
To be sure, Yellowstone has its delightful features, but the park is dominated by boiling mud pits, dirty Buffalo and toxic smoke, making it more of a scientific novelty, instead of a pleasant park, enjoy a visit there.
Advantages of Yosemite
Founder: 1864 (
Eight years before the founding of Yellowstone)
Abraham Lincoln awarded Yosemite to California as \"an inalienable public trust.
Became a national park in 1890.
Area: 1,189 square miles visitors: 3.
2013, 6 million, half
Millions more than Yellowstone.
But a few miles out of the valley, you can\'t see the soul.
Iconic attractions: semi-dome, standing 4,700 feet above the valley floor;
3,000 of El Capitan-foot cliffs; the 617-foot-
Falling high; or the 209-foot-
The giant grizzly bear and its 25-foot-thick trunk.
But perhaps the most iconic attraction is the unknown beautiful grass you can hike on a perfect spring day.
Accommodation location: Yosemite offers 8 accommodation options within the park from 4-
Hotel Avani star to tent lodge.
Outdoors, there are 13 formal camps, nearly 1,500 attractions, and 95% parks dedicated to the wilderness.
You can create your own temporary camp anywhere (
Just register and follow the rules).
Wildlife: Hundreds of mules, deer, and black bears wander around the park, just like they own the place, the shy recently re-introduced big horn sheep like mountain lions, bobcats, red foxes and gray foxes patrol the forest and mountain roads.
Altitude diversity of the park
Altitude from 2,000 feet to more than 11,000
It provides a thriving environment for more than 250 species of birds.
Waterfalls: Yosemite is known for its waterfalls, of which 10 are longer than the best waterfalls in Yellowstone: Yosemite Falls 2,400-
Foot cascade is one of the highest in the world
Mawei Falls became a glowing red \"Firefly\" in February, and the spectacular brittali falls are awesome
Visitors who drive into the park are encouraged to welcome.
The upcoming volcano destruction is 0/10 metres.
Yosemite is carved from glaciers, structural transitions, and the power of waterways.
There are no volcanoes here.
Of course, there are Rolling Stones, forest fires, lightning strikes and various other dangers in any wilderness --
This is not Disneyland.
But you will enjoy a park without deadly fountains, boiling mud pits and the stench of sulfur in Yellowstone.
There are parks in all seasons? Yes!
As described here, winter is a beautiful and fun time to visit Yosemite, snowshoes, ice skating, downhill skiing and cross skiing at Badger Pass
Ski on the park trail.
There is a peace and solitude in the Valley that can\'t be found in summer.
Unlike Yellowstone, it won\'t get cold (
The lowest record in Yellowstone is minus 66 degrees Fahrenheit. .
The \"shoulder season\" in the Spring and Autumn period has its own rewards, including colorful wild flowers or autumn leaves, with fewer tourists. More information from Yahoo!
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