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State Highway 1 reopened at Dome Valley after crash in which 4 people were hurt, 1 seriously

by:COSCO     2019-08-12
Interstate 1 between wellesford and Walsworth has been reopened.
After a serious crash this afternoon, it closed for about four hours.
When a car collided with a van in the Dome Valley, four people were injured and one was seriously injured.
With the investigation by the serious crash team, a diversion was made south through Wayby Valley Road and Kaipara Flats Road, but police began to lift the cordon at 7. 50pm.
At 4, emergency service personnel were called to the scene. 08pm.
Three people, including a woman considered pregnant, were trapped in the vehicle and had to be released by firefighters.
The two were taken to Auckland Hospital by Westpac rescue helicopter in Auckland.
One is in critical condition and the other is in serious condition.
St. John\'s Ambulance said the other two were slightly injured and were taken to North Shore Hospital by road ambulance.
Bill carlthrop\'s wife, who owns the top of the Dome Cafe, said the accident occurred about 275 north of the cafe.
A truck crashed into a pickup truck.
The sound of the collision woke me up.
\"A pregnant woman was trapped in one of the cars,\" he said.
\"It was a very bad crash.
This will be a long time before cleaning up.
\"There are a lot of ambulances and police cars on the scene, and a Westpac rescue helicopter landed in the parking lot opposite Kraack Road,\" says carlthrop.
Scott Osmond, duty manager for Northern Fire Communications, said two trucks attended the meeting.
Two more people are believed to be in the car and they have not been seriously injured.
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