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Storage - awning room How long will it take to get warehouse awning room generally set up time

by:COSCO     2020-09-04
Warehousing awning room often used in industry in recent years, is a temporary tent, can also be used as a semi-permanent construction, compared with the traditional fixed for the building construction time is short, and do not break security and flexibility. So warehouse tent set up for general how long will it take? ( - for says there Warehousing awning room) Industrial warehouse frame tent is for unit combination way of installation build speed, at the same time, can at any time according to the requirements of enterprises to expand or reduce the storage area. The general warehouse tent set up for time need 3 - 5 days to complete. For example, if 500 ㎡ warehouse frame tent, build time may only need 1 days can complete, if more than 1000 ㎡ May need 3-3000 ㎡ 5 days. Specific time also need according to the actual storage of awning room equipped with facilities of the size and need to order. ( - for says there Industrial warehousing awning room) And warehousing awning room construction waste generated by less than the level of traditional fixed buildings, cleaning and maintenance is easy, low maintenance cost, to the enterprise of intangible gave birth to a warehouse cost. Says there as a professional tent manufacturer, not only provide awning room sales, also provide awning room rental, lease price of the longer the more cost-effective, can rent one month, half a year or more. If you have this aspect demand, welcome to inquire or you can directly see the warehouse tent products page for understanding.
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