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Storage warehouse awning room to give you more security protection

by:COSCO     2020-08-22
Warehouse tent is supplies for centralized storage sites, huge economic losses in the event of fire, the social various aspects influence is big, serious consequences. Hot dry summer and warehouse tent fire for peak season, so the warehouse tent fire safety work, protect the safety of storage materials, reduce the fire hazard, has the extremely important significance. Fire department remind awning room on fire control safety, strengthen the warehouse master necessary fire control knowledge is very necessary. Warehouse tent fire for basic characteristics: one, the tent will be used for warehouse shelves hierarchical storage methods such as storage, piling up goods more, the fuel is also pretty much. Warehouse tent, once the fire, because the fuel is more, pile number, density, will spread quickly burning, and accompanied by a lot of smoke and toxic gases, easy to cause accident. Second, part of the warehouse at the beginning stage, awning room fire due to indoor air circulation, under the condition of the rolls of oxygen deficiency, a long time in a smoldering, thermal state, is not easy to find. Three awning room, warehouse management is relatively small, often there is a fire, is not found in time and report to the police, when the alarm the fire brigade was found to be present, the fire has been expanded to a certain size, destroyed a large number of goods in short time and cause huge economic losses. Warehouse tent fire main reason: a awning room, warehouse personnel management, there are faulty, built, heaps, and even alter fire zone, fire separation phenomenon, fire control facilities not complete works, such as part of the warehouse tent no arrangement for specified personnel to impart on patrol, part of the administrator to eat live in reservoir area, easy to cause fire hazard. Warehouse tent lighting for poor management, there are mainly the warehouse tent lighting lamps and lanterns chooses improper, not according to stipulations for required to install, poor quality of the construction led to light falls off, improper use of high temperature, lighting, lamp set, not to cut off the power supply after using, the radiant heat accumulation and fire. Three, warehouse tent fire control is lax. Mainly include illegal cutting, unlicensed fire, hot, in violation of regulations operation causes violations when hot, with fire, smoking, loading and unloading operation caused by the fire. Four, dangerous goods, chemicals tent without classification breakdown for warehouse storage, ventilation and cooling condition is poor, poor moistureproof fire prevention, cooling, stacking is not standard, lack of professional knowledge that inventory items happen chemical reaction caused spontaneous combustion, the combustion or explosion. Five, the warehouse tent does not conform to specifications, lightning protection facilities for lightning protection facilities, poor maintenance or lightning protection design have a blind spot, in the event of a thunderstorm weather, air, humidity is big, the goods are easily triggered lightning fires. Warehouse awning room fire prevention requirements: one, warehouse awning room will be in strict accordance with the current in the process of design and construction of fire control technology norms and standards for design, construction, and according to the warehouse frame tent the use of the properties according to the specification requirements set for automatic fire alarm, automatic fire extinguishing facilities, indoor and outdoor fire water supply system, etc. , to prevent the fire from the source and control the development of disaster. Second, warehouse awning room shall be determined in the legal representatives and administrative leadership one called the head of the fire safety, fully responsible for warehouse awning room fire safety management, organizational learning, fire regulations, etc. , undertake to the worker fire control propaganda, business training, to improve the safety quality of the workers, to carry out the inspection regularly, eliminate fire hazards. Three, warehouse keeper awning room should be familiar with the classification of storage of goods, property, custody business knowledge and the system of fire control safety, to grasp the method of the operation and maintenance of fire equipment, to establish and strictly implement the night shift, patrol system, foremen should carefully check, supervise the implementation of the. Four, warehouse tent shall, in accordance with the relevant national fire protection technical specifications, for setting, equipped with fire control facilities and devices, fire fighting equipment shall be set up in a visible place, are not allowed to be stacked around sundry, strengthen the daily maintenance of fire control facilities, keep it in a good performance status; Of the fire lane and warehouse the place such as the exit of awning room, emergency staircase unblocked. Five, the warehouse of awning room design and construction of electrical devices shall be installed must conform to the requirements of the regulations of the state, and by the certificate of electrician for installation, inspection and maintenance, the reservoir of each warehouse should be installed separately switch box, keepers from the library, must be a switch power; Warehouses are not allowed to be used in electric furnace, electric iron, electric heating appliances and television and other household electrical appliances, such as to ascend, pallet and other mechanical equipment is easy to produce the spark, to set up the shield. At the same time, the warehouse tent to set up the installation according to the requirements of national standard for lightning protection devices, periodic testing and ensure in good condition. Open flame is strictly prohibited inside the warehouse, warehouse, use open flame operation must deal with hot card, approved by the fire, head, and take strict security measures, when hot card you should indicate the hot place, time, hot, the guardian, approval and fire prevention measures.
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