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Store the tent you really understand

by:COSCO     2020-09-22
Storage warehouse frame tent, frame tent can serve as a kind of with business growth and demand for construction, can also be as industrial application architecture. Compared with traditional architecture, storage tents set up quickly, and sensitivity characteristics, can for many enterprises consumption season, sites of sensitive spreading provides effective elastic space. But the warehouse tent you really understand? We understand from the following three aspects. Warehouse tent features: the warehouse storage frame tent is often used as a warehouse, consumption workshop, request is not high, the foundation in the grass, concrete or asphalt, etc. , can be easily set up. Compared with traditional architecture, not only save time, still can save 50% of the capital construction, but also prevent the venue rental fees increase due to consumer demand, and turnover of long distance and so this. And warehouse tent late maintenance remaining costs are low, yield higher, lunch break build, attrition rate to zero. Framework. Main tectonic framework mainly adopts high strength aluminum and steel components cohesion, external roof and metope maintenance base cloth. Mainly USES the professional double-sided coated PVC, can effectively and windproof, waterproof, prevent bask in flame retardant, under any conditions can easily cope with. Storage ordinary awning room equipment is very comprehensive, including walls, floor, lamps and lanterns, air conditioning, furniture, doors and a full set of equipment, can make the function of the warehouse tent more and more powerful. With these ancillary equipment, warehousing tent than traditional architecture is obvious more and more popular.
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