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Sweeter Dreams: Visualizations for Restorative Sleep

by:COSCO     2019-08-14
If you turn and turn when the light goes out, or find yourself checking the ceiling at 3: 00. m.
You are not alone.
The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that more than one
First quarter of the United StatesS.
Throughout their lives, people suffer from some form of insomnia.
About 10 million people go to the doctor every year and complain about insomnia, although the average time to seek professional help is 14 years.
The personal cost of insomnia is much higher than having an extra cup of coffee the next day ---
May endanger life.
A survey by the National Sleep Foundation shows that 60% of people drive when they feel sleepy, and in the past year, 37% admit to falling asleep while driving.
There are also long-term consequences, including those with insufficient sleep, with a 27% increase in the likelihood of being overweight or obese.
While the causes of insomnia are complex and diverse, from stress, depression, anxiety, hormonal fluctuations, medication to medical conditions, everyone can benefit from proven methods, these methods release many common obstacles to getting a restful night break.
Surprisingly, some of the best strategies to meet our contemporary sleep challenges date back to 4,000 to 1,000 B. C.
From the culture of Babylon and Sumerian.
The most comprehensive way to ensure good sleep is to use both external and internal methods.
So before we come back in time to learn the internal strategies for long-term deep sleep, let\'s review some of the external considerations provided by the National Sleep Foundation: once our external environment supports sleep, we can cultivate calm sleep in a more important way.
We can use visualization to shape our internal environment.
Visualization, also known as guided images, is a close relative of meditation and hypnosis, can change brain wave activity, can learn specific images, and promote the movement of the brain to deep, quiet sleep.
The philosophy of the power of sleep images, which was first documented, came from ancient closed philosophy.
Although the origin of Hermès is not clear, the earliest works are usually considered works by Hermès termiggs, and some of his books are called pastophorus or \"images\"bearing.
In Greek mythology, Hermes is often described as a messenger of sleep and dreams.
Visualization also has common roots with hypnosis.
In ancient Greece, ipinos became the \"god of sleep\" before Hermes, and sleep temples in Greece, India and the Middle East played an important healing role in ancient society.
While being hypnotized is different from sleeping, some deep relaxation methods are now adapted to relieve insomnia.
Yoga is another ancient tradition that can help relieve insomnia.
The yoga classics of patanghali are considered as the basic text of yoga, about 200 B. C.
The Journal of Applied Psychological Physiology and biological feedback Behavioral Science published a study that demonstrated the benefits of yoga for falling asleep and maintaining sleep.
Because cognitive and physiological wake-up is considered a major factor in chronic insomnia, this study reports positive results using yoga forms, including calming effects of relaxation and meditation.
Yoga Nidra, the sleep word in Sanskrit, is a branch of yoga that strongly blends guided visualization.
While yoga nidra is \"dynamic sleep,\" in which you are more focused than the sleep we seek at night, the tools of conscious relaxation continue to create the necessary conditions for deepening restorative sleep.
When you snuggle up in bed ready to go to bed tonight, let these images take you into deep restorative sleep.
Relax: imagine having a small yarn ball in your mind.
See that this yarn ball holds the last remaining tension you may have.
Find the tip of the yarn and watch the yarn ball start to roll slowly and bounce back as it moves.
See a yarn spread out and put on the floor and it gets longer and longer as it continues to roll slowly.
Feel decompression.
Now feel the spacious surroundings.
When you look at the yarn, also feel the release of any residual tension in your body.
Like tiny muscle fibers soften, watching the ball continue to release from the core, the soft yarn now stretches, opens, and is completely stationary.
Sleep dome: with your eyes closed, imagine an energy barrier like a dome that will provide you with safety and comfort.
This protected dome is the place for deep rest and sleep.
Pay attention to the shape, size and color of the shield and adjust it until it is just right.
You know, outside the shield, anything you need to pay attention to during the day is separated from you.
It will be there tomorrow when the time is right.
Turn the volume down: Just as you have adjusted the light in the room the way you want it, whether it\'s dark or soft, imagine yourself doing the same.
Take the time to imagine dialing the light behind your eyelids into the same quiet environment inside.
Do the same for sound.
You know all the sounds that accompany you during the day, like the sounds that remind you of the task, imagine raising the low volume in all these internal sounds, imagine, keep the volume constant for the same time you intend to sleep.
River of sleep: think about it, in many occasions of your life, it is easy for you to move from waking to sleeping, just as easy as the leaves floating on the stream.
Like a river with a fixed route, a part of you already knows how to sleep peacefully.
Let yourself bear now, let go.
Feel like you are taken to depth, deep rest, and finally to sleep with safe and gentle currents. Sweet dreams.
Reference: Leslie Davenport is the author of a classic book about self
Through Self Healing and TransformationGuided Imagery.
\"She is a pioneer in the healthcare revolution, acknowledging that the mental dimension is an integral part of health and is a founding member of the Health and Rehabilitation Institute at the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and serves at John F College.
Kennedy University is the clinical director of the California Institute of synthesis.
Visit Leslie in the red room.
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