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Understand the activity of awning room personalized build

by:COSCO     2020-09-25
The charm of awning room does not depend on the appearance, more convenience. Tests on different places. Place the ground from the sand, grass, concrete remains such as marble which cannot damage the ground. Peng room with swell screws, steel and the professional bearing system, can be safe and stable to set up and use. Awning room more than is to establish a convenient, shipping also convenient, because the awning room can tear open outfit, so to ensure that the internal structure of awning room pillar length will not be too long. The second is mobile frame tent set up for the construction period is short, after open will continue in other local building at any time! rental borrow different from traditional curtains: is the best feature of stability and security, the beauty is generous. According to different types of places can be quickly built. Has the tear open outfit is convenient, transport convenience, the combination of diversification and other characteristics. Awning room empty any remaining beams, the space use rate of 100 per cent, after our careful planning and design, the use of space possesses more imagination, awning room to enhance the field activities of the various possibilities, given a temporary build of new concepts. Tong gen awning rent through the main structure is made up of two parts, one is the main body structure of aluminum alloy, secondly, tarpaulins. In fact also often equipped with other inductive equipment to beautify and perfect all kinds of theme activities. Sensitive and convenient transport, storage, convenient installation exhibition tent. Tong now awning room, as a new type of temporary building, become a kind of, instead of many local fixed building canopies, rent by compared with the fixed building have what advantage? Gen awning rent borrow money ShengJin energy.
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