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Today, Norm Goldman, editor of Sketchandtravel and Bookpleasures, is delighted as guest Judy Allen.
Judy is the author of your stress-free wedding planner (
Original data set, Inc. )
And five professional books on event planning (
John Willie and his sons).
Judy created-produced-
Special events have been planned for up to 2,000 guests in more than 30 countries.
Hello Judy, thank you for agreeing with our interview.
Judy: can you tell us something about yourself, Judy? How did you participate in wedding planning?
Judy: I started with travel and managed one of the highest-output offices in the national chain.
As part of my office\'s growth, I developed the company business, which evolved into dealing with all of their corporate activities, such as incentives, meetings, product launches, and social corporate branding activities.
Then I joined a leading incentive agency to design a custom --of-
Events for corporate customers around the world.
I started my own special event company more than ten years ago.
As a result, I created-produced-
For 15 years, corporate and social special events have been planned around the world, including the grand theatrical opening ceremony of Disney Beauty And The Beast and Union
Oscar-winning director Norman Jefferson celebrates the 25th anniversary of the violin on the roof
In addition, I am also the best of the five --
Professional Books on event planning used by sales industry and business professionals around the world, as well as teaching tools for universities and colleges.
The foreign copyright of my second book, Business of event planning, has been sold to China and Russia, and Harvard believes that my third book, ethics and etiquette of event planning, has been sold, event planning and \"must-read\" for small business professionals \".
The event planning series was published because I was called \"running and rescue\"
A few days before the event was planned, the profit party event.
I have noticed that many charitable organizations do not know anything about what to pay attention to and what to be vigilant when planning activities.
I think it\'s the most disturbing.
The same has happened in wedding planning.
Clients or their friends started consulting me on their personal wedding planning needs.
I keep hearing from them how nervous they find the process --
The hidden costs and surprises they keep coming across along the way.
Because I took the direction of my company, I did limit the number of weddings I personally participated in.
I wrote your stress-free wedding planner to provide couples with what they need to know from design, budget, implementation as a means (logistics)
And the angle of arrangementnot etiquette -
When they planned the wedding
I would like to give them a wedding planning tool to enjoy the process, relieve stress and show them how to create a meaningful, memorable and magical wedding day.
Nom: can you tell us something about your book?
Judy: I have shared ten key planning steps with the reader, which will allow the bride and groom-when executed in sequence-to-
Creation and cooperation.
Coordinate a wedding that exceeds their expectations and comply with their wedding budget guidelines.
If a couple has six weeks to plan their wedding or a year or more, the principles of activity planning I designed and the sequence of steps followed to get the best results are not important, stay the same.
Your stress-free wedding planner simplifies the wedding planning process and lets all involved relax and enjoy the celebrations before this very special day to make sure everything is watched.
What\'s unique about your stress-free wedding planner is the wedding design questionnaire that will show the bride and groom how to combine their personal wedding vision, and will their personal thoughts on the dream wedding will become the \"we\" dream wedding.
I also showed the red flag area for couples-
It could cost thousands more than they expected.
Before they sign the dotted line, they need to know, and they need to modify the areas of negotiation and terms and conditions of the contract.
Norm: If you have to choose 5 of the most romantic wedding destinations in the world, which destinations do you choose and why?
Judy: For me, there are 5 of the most romantic wedding destinations in the world because of their beauty, atmosphere and history --
As a couple, you can relax, visit and have fun exploring: the South Pacific (Bora Bora)-
Get married on the beach, honeymoon in a water thatched house with glass floor
Perfect setting in a romantic paradise-
During your stay at Four Seasons hotel, you will find a private pool and an outdoor shower.
Romantic hideaway from the world: Egypt (
Marry against a pyramid background)
Then go to the Valley of Kings/cruise on the Nile (honeymoon)
Exotic, unforgettable travel of a lifetime: Italy-
Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Capri, Florence-
There are many romantic options to choose from.
You can have a wedding reception in the castle, rent a private villa in Tuscany where you can have a wedding and reception (
Honeymoon for the rest of your time), take-
In the Middle Ages Hamlet or get married or hold a wedding reception at the winery.
Italy is just a romantic atmosphere.
Norm: you have indicated that you have sailed on all types of yachts/boats.
Which yacht do you think is the most romantic?
Judy: I don\'t have the ability to rent my own private yacht or take my own path, and I personally think Windstar Cruises are more romantic than larger ones.
I like the more intimate feeling on board.
Their number of guests is Hundreds (148 to 308)
Unlike thousands of people, they do not intend to have their children on board.
I also like you to have a big meal at your leisure rather than being called by the bell at a specific time.
No formal seat allocation
You can eat on your own or with a couple you \'ve seen, no jacket and tie requirements, and go to your cabin if you choose dinner.
I also like the hidden ports you can use-
Because on a smaller sailing boat-
As well as the simple operation on board and on board.
As the sail unfolds, it is very romantic to sit on the deck and under the stars.
Norm: What is the wedding planner, how do you separate the good from the incompetent?
Judy: What is the wedding planner? How do you separate the good from the incompetent?
In the planning industry, there are two kinds of planners: event planners and wedding planners.
Usually, event planners deal with design and production enterprises, society and non-profit events.
The types of events they participate in can be very diverse ---
From complex
Strategically planned one-day entertainment to achieve business goals for corporate learning, performance, incentive activities, and carefully arrange the production of incentive or product release themes held in a week around the world.
Some event planners deal not only with the design of the event, but also with the education and entertainment section (
Transportation, accommodation, catering, decoration, entertainment, theme)
There are also multimedia stage production.
This is the type of event planning I am mainly involved in.
Wedding planners work with newly engaged couples to help them create their dream wedding.
They took over all the wedding planning and operational requirements and worked closely with the client in the process.
They are compassionate, caring for others, and good at dealing with the emotional factors associated with planning a wedding when nervous, and when the idea of how the wedding day should unfold with opposition, the couple will be nervous, and help find areas of compromise between couples and family.
Wedding planning company
Coordinate the wedding from start to finish and be present on the day of the wedding to supervise everything as planned.
Some wedding planners also deal with social events, because the two event planning styles are closely related, however, event planners who mainly cooperate with corporate and business-related social activities usually do not have the same needs as those of these two very different customers.
If couples are considering hiring a wedding planner, I would recommend that they read your stress-free wedding planner first.
With this in mind, they will immediately be able to discover the level of competence of the wedding planner, who will be able to tell if the wedding planner is experienced or not.
Experienced wedding planners are able to fully answer questions related to budget, contract and logistical issues.
View references-
Not only are other wedding couples who hire them.
Also check the venue where they hold the event.
Understand their level of competence. g.
If the wedding planner has an event for only 50 or less guests and your wedding is for 500 or more, the wedding planner will have a learning curve --
Don\'t let it at your expense.
Have you ever planned a wedding for a celebrity?
Judy: No, it\'s not a wedding, it\'s a social event for Oscar-winning guests and celebrities, like the theatrical premiere of Beauty and the Beast and Union
Oscar-winning director Norman jevison co-ordinates the 25th anniversary celebration for violinist on the roof.
Nom: can you tell us the most memorable wedding celebration you have planned? Why?
Judy: they are all unforgettable.
Each is different and unique.
The most memorable thing, however, was that I was a guest but was involved when there was a slight glitch.
It was an outdoor reception where the staff took the wedding cake to the garden for the cake-cutting ceremony and tripped over by a little child attending the event.
The waiting staff was fine, but the wedding cake fell.
Fortunately, a piece of cloth was put on the cake for display, and the guests did not know exactly what was going on.
The cake was carefully set, and I went into the kitchen to meet the chef to see what was damaged.
The top of the cake was completely broken.
I quickly collected the bridesmaids bouquets that matched the flowers the bride carried, and with the help of the chef I collected some plastic wrap (
Because the flowers are not edible, protect the cake from the flowers. )and icing.
The flowers are neatly arranged on the top, subtly coated with fresh icing sugar to cover up dents and damage.
The cake was perfectly made, no guests were smarter, and the floral toppings on the cake were also treated with hospitality.
The bride and groom were told what had happened and were confused about the results.
What do you think about a unique romantic destination?
Judy: the time it takes to go to Seychelles can be quite daunting for airline connections and stopovers (
Depends on where you travel)
But after arriving, I never regret the travel time.
This is a wonderful romantic mix to make an African safari first and then fly to Seychelles for the rest of your stay.
Norm: What else do you want to tell our readers about wedding planning, romantic vacations or wedding destinations?
Judy: If you decide to combine your wedding with your honeymoon, now upscale hotels around the world have bridal registries to handle weddings and honeymoons.
Family and friends who celebrate your wedding can contribute to your destination wedding instead of giving a toaster as a wedding gift.
For example: an event during the honeymoon, or a massage for two or a private romantic dinner after the wedding.
These people work with wedding experts before the wedding.
Arrange all wedding and personalized honeymoon details.
They also advise couples on legal issues needed to get married in a specific location.
If a couple is planning a destination wedding, they need to make sure everything is for marriage and submit the wedding documents after the wedding.
A couple flying to the Caribbean for a wedding did not have a residence requirement to register for the wedding.
They did not set aside enough time to extend their time on the island as they had to return to work.
Unfortunately, they ended up posing for wedding photos on the beach and then getting married at home.
The last comment is that I have a second wedding planner in 2006 called \"engagement in three months or less \"(
Original data set, Inc. )
I will introduce the destination wedding in the book. Stay tuned!
Thanks Judy, good luck with all the projects in the future.
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