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Warehouse tent - Comprehensive understanding of tent storage from three aspects

by:COSCO     2020-09-04
storage and warehousing awning room, can be used as a kind of need of temporary buildings, with business growth also can be used as industrial application architecture. Compared with traditional architecture, tent storage has the characteristics of structures, fast, flexible, able to numerous of production-oriented enterprises, flexible distribution of the site provides effective elastic space. But you really understand thoroughly the warehouse tent? We know from the following three aspects: ( - for says there Warehouse tent) Warehouse tent features: storage tent is often used as a warehouse, production workshop USES, requirements for the foundation is not very high, whether it is grass, concrete or asphalt, etc. , can be easily set up. Compared with traditional architecture, not only save time, still can save 50% of the cost of construction, but also avoid the venue rental fees due to production needs to increase, turnover and other hidden costs. And warehouse frame tent late maintenance cost is low, higher yield, convenient disassembly, attrition rate is almost zero. ( 中远- Warehouse frame tent) Warehouse tent frame: warehousing awning room mainly divided into two parts. A: the framework. Main body structure mainly USES the high strength aluminum and steel components connection, external roof and metope maintenance base cloth. 2: tarpaulins. Mainly USES the professional double-sided coated PVC, can effectively and windproof, waterproof, prevent bask in flame retardant, under any conditions can easily cope with. Warehouse tent supporting facilities: storage awning room generally supporting facilities is very comprehensive, including walls, floor, lamps and lanterns, air conditioning, furniture, doors and a full range of facilities, can make the function of the warehouse tent stronger. Assist with these facilities, warehousing tent to be more popular than traditional construction is obvious. Large storage structure and characteristics of awning room is to produce many enterprises deal with the problems of warehousing and storage awning room if you have a demand, please tell us the problem, says there tent manufacturer will provide you with a suitable storage solution.
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