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Warehouse tent - What kind of wall for warehouse tent?

by:COSCO     2020-09-03
Tents and is often referred to as warehouse tent, commonly used in industry, warehousing industry, the season is good for production enterprises solve the problem of storage architecture. Warehouse tent size, type of wall you have many choices, many enterprises in the link I don't know how to choose more intertwined. Only in terms of size, manufacturing enterprise need to according to your own warehouse needs to order. So what the wall for warehouse tent? is flexible for industrial warehouse, either a regular routine tarpaulin or ABS hardware wall or caigang watts wall, glass curtain wall, can make the warehouse frame tent internal implementation a variety of functions, thus to meet the demand of different storage applications. Therefore, for manufacturing enterprises, according to the actual application needs to choose the warehouse tent configuration, didn't have a lot of complicated problems. Says there is a 10 years experience in industrial warehouse frame tent production and set up the tent manufacturer, the production warehouse tent wall has a variety of options, such as: ABS wall, glass curtain wall, glass curtain wall with Windows, sandwich wall wall, caigang watts, the electric shutter and conventional tarpaulin etc. We mainly choose three kinds of material to Jane know the answer: ABS wall: at present, the tent of outdoor applications for ABS walled warehouse tent is the most common, ABS wall has the strong heat resistance, low temperature resistance, good hardness and security, can see them in many areas, is currently one of the most commonly used wall storage industry warehouse tent. Caigang watts wall, caigang watts is mainly suitable for industrial and civil buildings, such as warehouse, metope, special buildings and exterior wall decoration, etc. , have qualitative light, high strength, color rich, construction convenient, earthquake, fire prevention, waterproof, long life and free maintenance etc, has been widely used in the industries of warehouse tent. Conventional tarpaulins: says there used tarpaulins is through double table coating processing, high-strength polyester filament production of PVC, waterproof, fireproof, uv and self-cleaning function. Tarpaulins fire rating can achieve B1 level, specifications are: 600 g/m2, 650 g/m2, 750 g/m2, 850 g/m2, 900 g/m2, service life not less than five years. Customers can choose according to actual demand analysis of g. If the storage requirement is not high, so the conventional tent wall will be more cost saving method. Says there warehouse frame tent there are many types of selection of the wall, each of which has different characteristics and price. Customers need to according to the actual storage condition to choose cost-effective wall. Or if you have any question, can the problem to us, says there will be for you to customize the exclusive your warehouse tent.
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