warme releases new electric fireplace with patented haze flame technology

by:COSCO     2020-07-06
Warme recently released the latest member of their most popular range of electric heaters, Warme Firebox.
Their latest electric fireplace includes a patented smog flame technology that makes it unique, unlike any other electric heater on the market.
Warme Firebox is cited as \"the best looking electric fireplace\" on the market \".
It was created by a team with more than 30 years of experience in producing electric wall heaters, and Warme Firebox is their latest product that blends stylish designs with robust and practical availability.
Warme Firebox is a child and pet-
Friendly, which means it can be used safely at home due to its flame-free design.
It is 50 \"wide, replacing the traditional heater to become the appearance of modern TV, with unique appearance and advantages in the competition.
Warme Firebox is a fan for better efficiency
Auxiliary electric heater.
This allows Warme Firebox to heat the room much faster than the competitor\'s electric heater and improves overall efficiency.
Warme Firebox is also dimmable, allowing the user to control the lighting elements and temperature of the heater separately.
LED lights have various color settings that users can control to create different mood settings.
In addition, the flame and flame bed can be colored to match the furniture or decorative design and can be replaced if needed.
Lighting elements can be turned off if needed and status can be used-of-the-
Art remote control.
Unlike a competitor\'s electric heating solution, Warme Firebox can be installed under the wall
Install TV.
They can also be mounted to any wall with the provided wall bracket in a few minutes, or flush into the wall cavity if required.
The unit also contains feet so it can be used as a floor
Vertical electric heater
Despite the small size, Warme Firebox is able to output 1kw and 2kw.
These two settings can be changed as needed to provide 10-
Heat at 27 °c.
Warme Firebox includes a 2-
In 27 countries in Europe, the one-year warranty is free of any dispute, parts and labor warranty, and the delivery is completely free. Pre-
When using the voucher code FIREBOX, there is currently a 55% discount on the order.
For more information, please refer to the contact details below.
Contact Marcus Taylor INC. : Warme Ltd. Address: 74th Street, Leicester, LE7 4UW, UK Tel: 01509 807 433 Email: info @ designerheater.
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