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wedding favor ideas for men

by:COSCO     2020-06-08
Women\'s wedding favors Patsy©.
This article has some ideas of wedding favors for men and not women.
After all, don\'t you think they can get some attention as well? (*wink*)
Go through the ideas mentioned above and see what you like.
Somehow, when we think of the favor at the wedding, we always think that both men and women will gracefully accept anything placed on the table and be satisfied with it.
While the \"accept gracefully\" part is sure to happen, the \"happy\" part may not happen much. Why?
To be honest, give it an idea.
How many men want aromatherapy candles or fairy lights?
I mean, what might they do with them?
Besides giving them to women in life?
Not much, right?
So, especially for the men at the wedding, this article on the nature of the wedding will share some ideas that you like!
Go through them and have them on a separate table for all the men at your wedding.
Believe me, we will be very grateful for this feeling!
Where there are men, there is movement.
Where there is sport, it makes sense to give help to those who have sport appeal, don\'t you think?
So, you can pick from any one mentioned here.
You can buy a tube of golf and wrap them in candy.
Design style with less gorgeous wrapping paper.
This is a man\'s favor, remember?
You can also distribute football or baseball gloves in neatly packed boxes.
Another option is some baseball caps that look very happy and are also packed in beautifully packaged boxes.
Another very popular favor is a huge beer cup!
Men also need some care.
Although they may deny this, they can do some TLC for themselves.
So, you can put together small baskets of cosmetics that are popular with men.
Including body wash, shampoo, hair gel, body prayer, after shaving, etc.
If you think there are too many baskets, you can put them in an opaque bag (
Neutral color, no sissy)
Tie them with a rope
No one is complete without his set of accessories.
So, as a favor, give all the men who attend some simple but popular accessories that make them feel special.
These may be key rings, cufflinks, writing tools, bottle openers, etc.
Wrapped in girly wrapping paper just to pull their legs!
When we talk about personalized weddings, we always tend to personalize them according to the married couple.
How about a little change for your wedding?
Why not you personalize them according to your name or wedding date, but according to the man who attended? How?
Well, judging the number of men attending the wedding based on your RSVPs.
Now you can pick anything like a handkerchief, tie, or even a silverware and embroider or emboss the person\'s name or initials (respectively)on them.
When you put them on the table, make sure they are neatly packed and have a card or tag to name the recipient.
In addition, you may also want to keep some blank offers for unforeseen arrivals.
If there is one thing you can get the main brownie points for having the best wedding offers, it must be the miniatures.
They are elegant, elegant and sophisticated.
They are not cheap so willing to spend some money on them.
For miniatures, you can choose different alcohol, perfumes and even artifacts from a foreign country if you wish.
You can wrap it in simple brown paper and have a label that says a thank you letter for every favor.
In addition to the ones mentioned above, you can give men a lot of daily necessities as wedding gifts for sure.
Coasters, small glass cans, tin containers, flasks, wine glasses, calculators, etc.
Some items may or may not look right, but they are definitely useful!
Well, this is what I think you can give a man as a wedding gift.
If you have more ideas about what is good for men, feel free to comment on your ideas.
Hold a wonderful wedding and cheer the guys up with these awesome ideas!
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