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wedding gowns – 600 years of bridal dress styles

by:COSCO     2020-06-05
The classic wedding dress still attracts antique and retro fashion lovers. Its old-
Fashion, coupled with the atmosphere of fantasy, attracts many brides who are eager to get married again today
Living in the modern pastday setting.
Wearing a bridal gown specially sewn for the wedding did not take effect until the 19th century.
Although the grand wedding tradition of the Middle Ages gave birth to modern wedding customs, the ceremony of the two men\'s marriage never required a special dress to be made unless you are a member of the royal family
Most of the time in history, there is no wedding dress style.
Brides rarely have dresses made specifically for weddings.
Instead, she had to put on her best clothes for the ceremony, and there was no specific color.
Many brides are dressed in black, brown, or dark, with only a few exceptions, but certain colors such as green or yellow are considered unlucky and therefore myth-
Marry in yellow and be ashamed of your fellow citizens.
Ordinary people wear dark clothes because they hide stains and flaws and can wear them again and again.
Later, Blue became a popular choice because it represented purity, piety and connection with religion and the Virgin Mary.
Although the white dress dates back to the early 1400 s, it was not popularized until the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840, where she wore a delicate white dress.
It soon drew the following attention.
By then, the white wedding dress has become the most suitable color for the rich bride.
Nowadays, most wedding dresses are in white, eggshells, light brown or ivory colors, not necessarily because they symbolize wealth, purity and chastity, but because this color has become a
600 wedding dress style 1300s to 1400 s-
In the 14th century, men and women can wear a dress called cotehardie, a floor --length, form-
Dress with an open accessory
Wide collar and full length (or elbow-length)sleeves.
They may have patterns of some form, such as damask or stripes that are usually twotoned.
By the age of 1400, the wedding dress of the rich medieval bride was handmade
Sewn in fabrics such as satin, velvet and silk, and appear in strong shades of blue, red and gold.
Blue is a popular color because it symbolizes purity and purity.
The wedding dress of the lower bride is sewn with cheap fabrics such as cotton, wool or linen, usually in dark colors.
Their style is usually a replica of the rich man\'s design. Lower-
Class Brides will try to imitate the style of aristocratic women as much as possible, but their clothing is made of cheap fabrics such as cotton and linen.
The first documented example of a noble wearing a white wedding dress occurred in 1406 England, when England\'s Philippa was wearing a waist coat, a cloak made of white silk, and with gray squirrels and
1500 of the Elizabethan era to the 1600 s, in the middle-
The first-class bride will wear the best dress and Colter, and she may sew a new dress if she can afford it.
Wedding dress style-
Length, in addition to the plunging neckline, it covers most of the body.
Rich people make dresses in luxurious fabrics such as velvet, velvet and satin, while the lower
The class made their wedding clothes with linen, wool and cotton.
There are various shades of color: for less privileged people, red, blue, green, white, gray, black orange and brown are the common shades of bridal dresses, the richer bride is decorated with jewelry and Gold and Silver lines.
A cloak is usually worn.
Linen or silk for neckline and cuffs (
Collar, floral or folds)
It is usually full and wide.
At that time, the white wedding dress was not a custom color, but in 1559, Queen Mary of Scotland, when she married her first husband, wore a white wedding dress in 1559, Prince Francis of France.
The only reason she did so was that White was her favorite color.
In the 1700 s, the white wedding dress of the 1800 s â€x93 x93 Victorian became a promotion by Queen Victoria\'s bride in 1840 to choose what color she wanted to wear, including black.
Ten years later, White became the traditional color of the bridal gown.
Satin, silk, tulle, orgty, linen and gauze are available in wedding fabrics --like materials.
The more delicate and expensive dress is made of lace, just like Queen Victoria.
The earliest Victorian wedding dress was designed with a corset, a small waist and a long dress.
Because the skirt (bustle style)
It was meant to be large, decorated with undergarments such as petticoats and iron rings, which were widely worn at the time. Mid-
The Victorian era brought about the rise of the middle class.
Class wealth and rich people are happy to show their new wealth.
At this time, in her 1870 s or so, the bridal costume designed by Frederick worth in Paris is a symbol of the final status!
For those who can\'t afford it, the style of the hustle and bustle is copied.
In late Victoria, the style of the noise disappeared.
Shorter trains and larger sleeves became a trend, and the veil became a standard bridal costume.
The remarried widow is not dressed in pure white.
They are dressed in white shades, like ivory, including salmon, lavender, roses, Violet and satin dresses decorated with ostrich feathers.
In the 1900 s of this century, the Edward era, the style of wedding dress is charming at best.
They are luxurious in style, elegant, soft, expensive and have long trains, sometimes over 7 feet long.
They usually adapted to the popular style of the time.
They sew a lot of decorations such as embroidery, lace or decoration.
Although most of the original vintage wedding dresses were made of cotton batik and soft cream --
White Satin, today\'s version of the Edward era bridal gown can be made from light to medium weight fabrics such as satin, taffeta, voile, double rolls or batik.
Edward style wedding dress features a high lace collar neck, waist, big and bold legs-o-
Sheep sleeves, full skirt, and lots of lace details.
Today, this dress is considered a vintage dress, but it is still very popular because it represents pure classic feminine beauty.
Do you remember how Gibson girls look?
This is the style of Edward\'s time.
By the 1920 s, the fl board style had become a hot trend.
Usually relax, it\'s a style shift full of flirting and sexy
Clothes that fall straight on the body, instead of showing the curve like the wedding dress of the previous era. By the mid-
In the 20th century, the wedding dress is almost always white, and it is still like this until today.
In the 1950 s, wedding dresses became a high fashion, and most brides wanted to dress like stars on the screen --
Like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.
The popular styles they designed include a sweetheart tie, a small waist and a multi-layered skirt. The hour-
The glass silhouette is Carnival.
Tea and full length shoulder-less bridal gown with lace, silk or satin bolero jacket and three
The ceremony also wore nine sleeves.
Before the age of 1960, wearing a sleeveless wedding dress is unacceptable.
The bride\'s clothes come in a variety of fabrics, from men
Textiles are made from natural fiber fabrics.
They include rib Silk, Duchesse satin, lace, tulle, linen, cotton and polyester. cotton.
The wide range of textiles to choose from makes it possible for many brides to make new wedding dresses for this occasion.
They are sewn by tailors, tailors or experienced family members, mainly with the help of wedding tailor patterns. Some brides re-cycled and re-
Incorporate the Vintage heir wedding dress into the latest fashion.
If you are planning to own antiques or antiques, sew vintage wedding dresses specially tailored for you
Themed wedding, you are unlikely to find a real dress today.
Most of them are either displayed in the museum, hidden or forgotten, or kept in the old vintage trunk as a pass-on heir.
In this case, your best bet is to sew your gown on the retro style you want.
There are also vintage and vintage bridal costume sewing patterns that you can buy online from stores like Amazon, Etsy and eBay.
Not only are there professional tailors and tailors that can be tailored for you, but also online professional tailors that design and produce vintage wedding dress styles for you.
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