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wedding invitations 101: ideas for the budget-minded bride

by:COSCO     2020-07-06
Your wedding invitations are the first time your guests see your wedding, but they can cut your budget quickly if you\'re not careful.
Fortunately, there are many options to convey your sense of style and set the tone for your wedding --
And the price is affordable.
Whether it\'s a black tie or a casual fashion, your invitations reflect the tone of your wedding.
A more formal wedding may require a more formal invitation, traditionally white or tan and engraved with black or charcoal ink.
To protect this type, square paper towels were also inserted.
While classic and low-key, the cost of these offers can quickly be added to the purchase price of a small car, but the gasoline mileage is slightly better.
What is the budget-
What about the intended bride?
More and more couples are switching from standard invitations to choosing paper of different sizes and colors, adding interesting textures and using graphics, patterns and monogram.
Many couples are also canceling traditional unsealed inner packs, which not only reduces costs but also reduces waste.
Also, how many of your guests will remember how many components are included in their invitation? (
Tip: If you have guests who will notice, let them sit together so they can go crazy with each other)
Another option is to purchase the material to create your own invitation.
Thanks to the popularity of scrapbooks and paper shops, creating unique and memorable wedding invitations has never been easier.
Do you and your men have favorite colors, songs, holiday destinations or hobbies?
Don\'t be afraid to incorporate it into your invitation.
Your guests would rather see an invitation from the heart than discard paper towels that protect the work of the random printer. (
Not that there is any problem with using the printer. But hey. . .
The cost of these little Zhang really adds up! )
You might say at this point, but tradition is my style!
How can I afford it?
Let those fears stop, girl!
Make some testtest invitations on normal paper, play the font size and type, and then buy blank cards and matching envelopes (
Scrapbooks, hobby shops and mass retailers all across the country)
Print real deals.
No matter what kind of invitation you choose, be sure to mail them 8-
10 weeks before the wedding so your guests have time to plan. . .
Great gift to buy! WAIT. . .
And more to remember, when you were a little girl, you dreamed of your perfect wedding until the invitation?
Why didn\'t anyone tell us about the reply card?
Or a reception card?
Why are so many cards?
Reply cartoons are often sent with your invitation and include a self-reply card
Envelope with address
These options are used to help determine how many people will attend, usually including menu options for guests to choose from.
But I\'m going to tell you a secret: you can create your own reply card.
Just buy the small cards with matching envelopes, print them yourself, and then insert them into the invitation letter when addressing them.
Most importantly, you can do this whether you are making your own invitations or printing them professionally.
Wedding invitations include reception cards to let guests know the time and place of mailing
The wedding will begin.
Traditionally, this is a small card that requires guests to join the wedding reception with the newlyweds and their families and give the date, place and time.
But do you remember the secret I revealed on it?
It works here too!
Print it yourself, even (gasp)
Print the receiving information within the invitation.
It will give your guests one less thing to keep track of you and save you a lot of money. AND EVEN MORE. . .
Believe it or not, you have other paper.
Related matters that need to be considered.
The wedding procedure, of course, provides useful information and makes fascinating souvenirs, but there is no need to destroy the bank.
Budget when some couples choose to do a brochure type project-
Thoughtful couples are using a simple card stock with a velvet overlay on it, tied together with a ribbon that matches your color scheme.
Others just print them at home (
Or a friend\'s home)
Show the color or theme of the wedding on unique paper.
After all, how many people (
Apart from your closest friends and family)
Do you want to use it as a souvenir?
They would rather you use the money you save on your project to help you pay for your honeymoon, pay for your car or buy a lottery ticket.
The idea behind the menu card is that when they don\'t know what is going to be served, no one likes to sit down and eat (
Think about the school canteen).
However, this can easily be done with a reply card (see above).
If it\'s a buffet, of course.
Style, menu cards are not really necessary because there are usually things that please everyone.
If you do feel the menu card is necessary, it\'s easy to print it yourself. . .
Just buy some good old card coupons.
If there is a good story behind why you choose a certain dish (
You offer New York style cheesecake because you \'ve met in New York or hot dogs because you \'ve met at a ball game)
Including this story adds a unique element to your menu card.
One thing that may be very helpful to all relevant personnel (
You, the catering staff, the bartender and your guests)
Is to create a drink card or two.
If you limit the bar to a certain amount or type of drink, then the drink card is the best place to show this.
Just take a easel or photo frame and post a card at the bar.
Are you having a buffet at Katz square?
Eat at your reception?
If so, skip this section as there is no need to place the card.
For the rest of you, the deck is a frame tent-
A shape card placed in each position setting to show people where they should sit.
You can easily print it out from your home computer, but why not make the local card for reception a bit unique?
Make your wedding better
Perform duties by labeling each label with a name and using it as a placement card.
If you are doing what you like, it will only add a simple step, but it will save you money in the long run.
You can also stone with your hands
Apply a name or tie name label around the parcel\'s silverware.
Use your imagination!
Placing cards is not necessarily another job for the printer.
Thank you, CardsOk, bride.
You all know what these are and there is really no need to print them.
Simple thank you cards are available almost anywhere, and as a reward most people even say \"thank you \".
What\'s important is your handwritten message, so spend most of your time there.
As a reminder, these should be sent out within one month of your honeymoon.
If you receive a gift before your wedding, those thank you cards should be sent out immediately.
Save the Date kazesh? No really. . .
I don\'t know what these are.
Exclusive News: saving the date card is almost the second time sent to the guest after the groom asks a question, so that the guest can plan in advance.
If you make an announcement 8-
The date card may not need to be saved 10 weeks before the wedding.
However, they will travel long distances if you have friends or relatives (
Especially in other countries.
A little head-
It will be good.
However, this can be achieved by greeting cards, letters or phone calls.
This should be enough to save the date.
If you feel you need to send a save date card, you can easily make it yourself.
In short, creating your own invitations and other stationery can save you a lot of money and make the wedding budget for other things.
Remember a few things: a little imagination and determination, your budget-
Friendly wedding invitations will be as beautiful as big invitations
Budget invitation, but a small part of the cost.
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