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wedding pew decorations

by:COSCO     2020-06-24
If you are going to attend a church or church wedding, you have definitely considered the decoration of the wedding.
If not, then here are some ideas to help you.
Wedding decorations are usually restricted by church weddings.
Outdoor weddings, on the other hand, provide plenty of space for the decor, allowing you to try colors, flowers and fabrics.
The wedding decoration of the church is somewhat soft, mostly in the traditional way.
Pew decoration is an important part of church decoration.
Because the decoration of the church is limited, people pay special attention to the decoration of pews.
How to decorate the traditional decoration of the church wedding Pews most people like the traditional decoration.
It includes a simple white bow tie at the end of Pew.
Although, it seems simple, it is usually a supplement to the interior of the sublime church or other wedding decorations.
This place is suitable for a formal wedding.
Flower decoration flowers are the first choice for Pew decoration.
People who don\'t like traditional decoration tend to like flower decoration.
Flower decoration allows you to play with colors, types and a wide variety of flowers.
A simple single breed of flower chest flower that looks very beautiful tied to the back of Pew.
Alternatively, you can also use various types of flowers in one color and make them into bouquets and tie them to the back of Pew.
If you want a more gorgeous garden
Like you see, try to tie a lot of smaller corsages behind Pew.
When it comes to Pew decoration, you have countless options for flowers.
Go to the flower shop if you can\'t come up with any ideas
The Pew decor you make may be helpful to you.
These are very attractive floral arrangements, perfect for church or church weddings.
However, be prepared to pay for the high amount of flower shops.
Traditional satin decorations often use simple white satin bows.
However, if you want something that is more visually appealing, go and buy satin bows of all kinds of bright colors.
A bunch of small flowers tied with satin ribbons at the back of Pew looks very pleasant and refreshing.
You can also make a chest or bouquet with satin flowers and tie them on the end of Pew.
This makes a similar look and feel like a floral decoration and doesn\'t cost much.
Silk flowers look as beautiful and charming as real flowers.
It also has great reuse value.
Tulle is a very popular wedding decoration fabric.
Its belt can be used to connect the bow at the end of the pew aisle.
It gives the impression that the bride and groom can go through a line-up passage.
It also looks good to simply cover pews with tulle fabric.
The balloon decoration with the balloon decoration of pews brings a very young and enthusiastic feeling to the wedding decoration.
Just tie a helium balloon at the end of the pew aisle to show a uniform look.
Alternatively, you can also make an arch with a balloon to produce a dramatic effect.
Potted plants simply place a beautiful potted plant on the floor, and at the end of the aisle in Pew, you can naturally see the wedding decorations.
However, choose the length of the plant under appropriate care. Small-
Potted plants may not be seen at all, and therefore may not have an impact, while large-
Potted plants may blur the guest\'s view.
According to the theme of your wedding, this decoration can be done in many ways.
However, considering the seriousness of the church, the decoration of pews is decorated with soft and less luxurious decorations.
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