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wedding table decoration idea

by:COSCO     2020-06-07
At the reception, in addition to the bride and groom, the wedding table was the focus of attention.
The wedding table should be carefully planned as it will be the focus of eating during most conversations and receptions.
Wedding table decorations can be a highlight of your wedding theme or a complementary option.
Here are some ideas to help you plan your wedding table decoration ideas: 1.
For darker venues, use tealight candles in small glass boxes and place them next to each table.
This adds to a fantastic atmosphere and will not make it difficult for guests to find their food at the same time. 2.
The large clear glass bowl filled with sand and floating candles is a great center.
If you attend a seaside wedding with an accent, add shells in a bowl.
Match the shells in the bowl with white and green flowers to get a color close to nature. 3.
Sprinkle rose petals on the table and feel romantic. 4.
Use a variety of small, medium and large candles as the center.
Wrap together with rope and colored beads for extra shine.
Sparkling ribbons or lace are also a great choice. 5.
Choose your China according to the theme of your wedding.
If you\'re having an informal wedding, it\'s nice to have simple white porcelain plates in gold or silver edges.
Informal weddings are more appropriate for creative China.
The square plate is also very interesting.
For a more formal wedding, you can replace the meal mat with a golden mat. 6.
The simple and simple dining equipment is a center worthy of more luxury.
Use simple white cutlery and clear crystals, but for the center, fill them with tulip buds of all colors using about 3 or 4 gold and silver embossed vases.
The richness and drama of the color does not require any accent of the dining room utensils, but a highlight of their own. 7.
Wrap the chair with dark ivory or gold-colored hard yarn ribbon and use napkins of the same color.
Match different styles of flowers on each chair, using a simple matte gold plate.
Flowers and candles use a combination of cloves and ivory as the center. 8.
For different things, please use the square table and the square plate.
Select a color for the table settings and work with lighter shades of color.
For example, use the ice blue ribbon around the chair to make the ice blue tablecloth.
The napkin comes in two colors, a little lighter and leaves the plate White for a contrast. 9.
Instead of using only one vase with flowers, use more small vases with colored flowers as the center and mix them together. 10.
Place around 3 to 4 bottles of wine on each table and use dark roses to complement the dramatic colors.
Put a photo of the couple on each table. 11.
Use a clear glass plate with a white and silver accent for a minimal look.
For the center, a large clear glass vase with long bud stems inside instead of a pile of leaves and open flowers.
The metal-rich table and chair cover can add some sparks and use only one flower behind each chair. 12.
For a more rustic look, please use the shades of bronze, red and dark blue.
Use a brown floor mat with a white plate and cover the chair and table with a crimson fabric.
You can place a dark blue accent in the color of napkins and flowers.
Sprinkle red rose petals and almonds on the tablecloth, and sprinkle a few palm leaves on the edge of the center. 13.
For a beach wedding, use a large bowl of crystal clear fruit as the center to give it an extra refreshing feel. 14.
Fill the center bowl with fruit that matches the theme according to the color of the theme to provide a variety of textures. 15.
Use Raspberry and gold as a refreshing table theme.
Cut off the flower head and put it in a small glass container to show what you usually use to make the tea light.
Put the flowers in the center of another short red candle.
Use matte gold plates, pink napkins and chair curtains.
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