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Wedding tent suitable for places and activities and its structure

by:COSCO     2020-08-30
Now many businesses, shopping malls in outdoor activities can choose awning room doing temporarily built, safe and convenient shorthand, cost-effective. Activities covered rice can be widely used planning, according to the different needs of different houses. The use of awning room next to introduce activity and structure characteristics. The following about & quot; suitable places for activities and activities, and its structure and the characteristic & quot; In this paper. Activity tent structure and characteristics, and the use place for activity is used in a variety of frame tent for a long time now for outdoor exhibition, business, large-scale activities, despite of the main structure activity frame tent houses a brief, but brought great useful for its fast speed and security, can make it as a long time used in the field of building! Activity tent structures: whatever the awning room, the main body structure is made up of metal structure and awning body two parts, tent its structure for different structure will be different, practice awning room is generally selected unit modular structure, tent is chosen for spherical dome structure, and frame tent structure chosen for raw materials of anything is given priority to with aluminium alloy, has also can choose steel awning room, but its quality is better than aluminum alloy is a bit poor. Activity of awning room covered body mainly choose the PVC knife scraping coating, and covered the body will be divided into top cloth, apron, overlock cloth, cloth is used to cover up the tent roof top, because of long time demand shading to block rain, so tend to choose quality tarpaulins, like a cloth will often choose gram weight of 850 g/square PVC tarpaulin, and like tent wai cloth and overlock cloth can choose for 650 g/square PVC tarpaulin, sidewall if there are special requirements also can choose other tent body material.
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