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wedding tents

by:COSCO     2020-06-26
When this day is your big day, you just want everything to be as perfect as you think.
Whether the wedding is on the beach or in the small garden of your home, you definitely don\'t want to rain on your dreams, which can be avoided, just add a wedding tent to the picture.
It is important to remember that the structure tent is only for light to medium rain and may not reach out in heavy rain.
While buying a wedding tent, it is also an important consideration and will not leak because it is strong.
For this purpose, usually the tents have thick weighted edges.
The high quality wedding tent uses a tension ratchet to fix the fabric of the frame tent.
In most cases, the main body of the tent is a vinyl film with polyester fiber.
As for the structure, the most common is the rod
Tents are usually used for small parties and events, but there are also frame tents.
In fact, the frame tents proved to be cheaper than the pole type tent, the price of 40-foot by 60-foot may be around $800, and the price of 60-foot by 5000 may be around $280.
For very large parties, you can choose sizes ranging from 9x10 to 120x400.
Wedding tents can accommodate between 1000 and 1500 people or more.
The wedding tent industry is now quite large, offering buyers a wide selection of colors, designs, patterns and sizes.
People will definitely find tents that suit their tastes and requirements.
Most tents are waterproof and dust-proof with removable walls or retractable frames as well as other edge decorations.
While buying tents is a useful investment, as these tents are durable and economical for the long term
But a lot of people choose the rental route.
Be sure to remember your needs and available areas when renting tents.
In addition, be sure to check with the leasing company how the tent will be delivered and built.
Typically, leasing companies are willing to provide professional assistance with their setup, although they may charge a little extra for that.
Renting a wedding tent for a small amount of money will make sure your big day is not ruined by bad weather.
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