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What measures can effectively avoid industrial fire awning room?

by:COSCO     2020-09-01
Industrial tent as a new mobile for construction, its advantages are no repeat, some of its own existence hidden danger also need our vigilance. Industrial tent is often used by companies to store items, including some flammable goods, this makes the fire become one of the possible conditions. Therefore, we need to do it right in front of the fire, a series of work to avoid the happening of the fire. So what are the measures can effectively avoid the industrial awning room there is a fire? Let's list some steps for your reference: one, in the use of industrial storage awning room USES, a lot of companies were mostly used to store the goods, so we should be reasonable in the awning room equipped with dry powder fire extinguishers, and confirm the position of fire water and equipped with high-pressure spray, etc. , in addition also need to strengthen daily management, especially pay attention to the fire extinguisher shall not exceed the inspection date; Second, establish and improve the responsibility system for the fire. in the process of building or daily use awning room, all need to fire safety work; Three, industrial awning room location, need to have special personnel patrol on a regular basis. Owing to lack of awning room internal air circulation, indoor for a long time in the smoldering state is not easy to find, so regular patrol regularly can effectively avoid the problem; Four, frame tent domestic demand for setting clear fire sign, inflammable and explosive articles, such as ban fire signs, completes the daily fire safety knowledge training. In addition to the above, there are many other details we need to work at ordinary times. If in the event of fire, awning room site personnel shall immediately Shouting and call for emergency fire request assistance hotline, lest produce more losses. Says there frame tent manufacturer for the r&d and production of industrial tent products made of high quality aluminum alloy, wai cloth and top fabric adopt double coated PVC tarpaulin, tarpaulins to European related fire prevention standards, so customers can rest assured use.
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