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Who says done push-pull tent price how to calculate? Let you surprise prices [ Awning]

by:COSCO     2020-11-30
Thank the manager is a community of developers, marketing manager of xiaoshan, xie total area will basically be completed at the end of October, so want to be in an outdoor completion ceremony at the end of October, there will need to lease use outdoor folding frame tent for outdoor shade, quantity will be about 80 units, due to the superior more importance to the outdoor activities, so the manager wants the outdoor folding tent rental if red, and should be at least 9 into new or new. Contact a lot of businesses, however, are not willing to rent new outdoor folding tent, if not on wild speculations is provided in the lease outdoor folding frame tent. Finally, a chance coincidence, thank the manager from a friend that know jiangmen old yuhang coscotent also provide rental services outdoor folding tent, and coscotent outdoor folding tent rental is more than 9 into new. After understanding to the situation, thank the manager has some other service information consultation coscotent, after learning that the coscotent also offers free on-site installation service, thank the manager without hesitation in coscotent set the end of October to use this order for 80 sets of lease outdoor folding frame tent.
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