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Why easy disassembling painting exhibition of large outdoor tent to be the first choice of the exhibition

by:COSCO     2020-08-22
With the improvement of people's living standard, China's income is exempted from point is increased to 5000 yuan, the taste and quality of life for people demand more and more high. As the outstanding artistic edification - at the same time - - - Exhibition, become popular in recent years. To participate in a variety of large and small paintings became the demand of people's life. But outdoor exhibition venue rent is not cheap, and there is no fixed place. Recently, our British customers need to host a outdoor exhibition, says there provides a 10 x50m easy disassembling painting exhibition of large outdoor tent. In order to improve the effect of the exhibition, says there has provided a new easy disassembling painting exhibition of large outdoor frame tent. Wall glass walls and glass doors, make whole easy dismantling outdoor large tent looks for high-grade painting exhibition. We can also custom printed on the fabric of advertising and brand information, improve customer propaganda effect. Says there's easy disassembling large outdoor painting exhibition tent is a specially designed by our engineers. In addition to convenient installation, and undo it is quite simple. Only a dozen people can in a short period of time set up the easy dismantling outdoor painting exhibition of 500 square meters large awning room, fully meet the needs of customers of different place to hold exhibition. Says there have your requirements, we will provide the most suitable for your easy disassembling painting exhibition tent solution for large outdoor.
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