Why the quality of awning room by recognition

by:COSCO     2020-09-25
Recently, collaboration and old customers contact, suddenly let's food supply awning room for it. The old customer once upon a time in our company orders the span of 15 meters awning room. After more than a year of weathering, awning room remains stable. The relevant person in charge of the previous collaboration to make the quality of our tent, so to find and customize the awning room demand this year and will contact we made in a timely manner. Because the awning room has been successfully for several food supply professional awning room service, coupled with both sides is not ChuDu collaboration, so head for the tent and clinking centering of choose and buy for food. Just a few days, we will tailor a set food for its small tent. Some tent is for business activities, gourmet awning room span is relatively narrow, so both choose the main profile is different. Details of the food small tent size is 4 * 3 m, choose advocate material for 48 * 84 mm aluminum profile, connect body to white. Other, after prior communication with the head of, we will be food for planning of a small frame tent on three sides surrounded the modelling of cloth, make it all looks very slim, elegant. Follow tent industry prosperity, the awning room quality on the market the good and bad are intermingled. Awning room always remember quality first principles, adhere to the awning room supply high quality service for the customer, we have always believed that as long as the product quality, to make everything into our repeat customers.
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