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Wide outbreak of the awning room is varied, have you like

by:COSCO     2020-09-15
During the outbreak, we widely the awning room supply in each highway vehicles and quarantine, hospital, the disinfection space, each place quarantine station and so on. Quarantined with temporary buildings is given priority to, solves the architectural space is needed, to perfect the quarantine work order, so wide frame tent manufacturer for the analysis in a professional perspective, continuously upgrade the outbreak awning room, the outbreak period use, can play a greater role. And a variety of styles, to choose from! For different types of awning room use area has a big difference, such as: big awning room is for square hospitals around the awning room for high-speed entry quarantine room didn't wai awning room for high-speed entry quarantine room the frame tent manufacturer in accordance with the beginning of design, increased the protective factors, awning room as acceptable quality standard, used in various places, will be more reassuring to outbreaks have to complete work.
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