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Wide tent for FE international formula for the escort

by:COSCO     2020-09-15
On March 23, 2018 - FE electric equation championships 2019 season ushered in the substation 6 - — Sanya station in China, this is FE events held in mainland China for the first time in four years. FE full name is the fia formula electric world championships ( FIA公式E冠军) , said the Formula E again, it is by the international motor sports association ( FIA) A new event. Racing scene process was really exciting. The racing activity showed the car of my country is rich in sanya more cultural festival, the focus is on the whole circuit design and the whole circuit ring inside the tent designed for recreational area set up among them, can put great effort and wisdom. Especially to watch the track ring in the middle of awning room design, wide the awning room for FE racing activities to create a complete set of various specifications of different types of awning room, used in media studio area, dining area, drivers waiting area, leisure entertainment, etc. , and the audience stand, etc. Let all the hand and the audience in the game, can have a relaxing recreational area. Also can make the whole activity of experience is a kind of enjoy. Wide tent manufacturer has been serving the international racing for the activity, for every car create various leisure places and all kinds of activities at the stadium temporary need convenient place. Wide frame tent is a good partner, motor racing for the escort is FE international formula, it is to belong to tent supplier for all kinds of competitions.
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