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Wide the participation' 2019 China ( Guangzhou) Tent, tents and form a complete set of equipment for the international exhibition 】 Well packaged

by:COSCO     2020-09-15
On May 15 During the three days of the 2019 China (17, Guangzhou) , tents and form a complete set of equipment for the international exhibition, billion kam wide enterprises owned by the company such as invited to participate in the exhibition awning room, the push model blockbuster spire glass awning room, pointed canopy room, superior to fully open the new temporary construction is convenient, for China's construction market has provided a new development path, the exhibition is also widely the awning room to collect more potential customers. On this exhibition, because for manufacturing enterprises face in machining efficiency and cost, the capacity of all sorts of problems, our company provides professional and fast solution. And with 16 years of experience in production and sales experience, comprehensive features and installation of the product technology and all kinds of wonderful show, on behalf of our maturity and stability of production process, let visitors to wide the tent first praise for approval. Expressed great interest in display products, visitors can also create a good buying psychological experience. According to our company pay much attention to the exhibition planning, modeling a new frame tent up, enabled the exhibition one-on-one service, with good image with sincere service enthusiasm, patience, communication with visitors, the visitors advice to cooperation. Offers visitors a practical and effective solutions, also listen to the demands of visitors and the suggestion, meet growing demand of customers, with a number of customers reached a cooperation agreement or intention, strengthened the more good relations of cooperation, but also consolidate a lot of peer cooperation, let us wide tent reputation in the market for the better. With its wide for the event, the frame tent of the result would have been with unwavering brand trust, more perfect products, quality service, more excellent quality, create higher quality innovative frame tent, tent market for China to build the new features of environmental protection building upgrades. We congratulate the awning room to participate in the 2019 China ( Guangzhou) , tents and form a complete set of equipment for the international exhibition well packaged. Show end for others, perhaps will be an end, but for wide Mr Awning room is another new beginning. So, thank everyone to come to visit you!
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