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wonderful types of tent rentals for your wedding!

by:COSCO     2020-06-16
What kind of tent do you want to rent?
Most of you are very confused when renting tents.
You can rent a tent from a tent rental company or party supplier.
The package is usually based on your wedding guest list and other requirements.
From elegance to simplicity, wedding tents have different designs, shapes and sizes.
What you have to do is choose a canopy based on your theme.
Your rental vendor will give you some advice on this.
Choose a canopy that is spacious enough.
Make sure everything, such as tables, bars, chairs, dance floor, gifts, etc. , is well placed in the canopy.
Choose the tent color to compliment with your wedding dress.
Here are a variety of canopies suitable for various events such as weddings: 1.
rentals with high spires are great for celebrating small-scale weddings.
You can find these tents in the width of 10\', 15\' and 20.
They have separate buildings with no internal support bars.
The tents are visually eye-catching from both internal and external perspectives, with the top of the sculpture tent.
The unique structure of these tents enables them to stand in their own classes. 2.
Traditional frame tents rentals these are the most commonly used tents for backyard activities.
They have separate structures without any inner rods.
The height of these tents is adjustable.
You can adjust the height of the legs to accommodate a moderate change in height.
You can add any number of frame tents to assist with the unusual frame tent configuration.
You can also install the tent by using the height. 3.
These are the favorite tents for wedding or backyard parties.
They have visually eye-catching sculpture tents from both internal and external angles at the top.
The top of the tent is only white.
These canopies cannot be installed using heavy objects. 4.
Traditional pole-style tents are the most cost-effective tent options.
They can be erected quickly.
These are not better options for special events like weddings, as the center bar will block the line of sight.
They have inner poles throughout the canopy.
They cannot be installed by using heavy objects. 5.
The Clearspan structure is a great alternative to traditional frame tents for private parties and weddings.
They are free to stand without the inner rod.
This canopy can also be installed on large obstacles.
You can also install them by using weight if you need them.
Even if you can make these canopies look more beautiful with any design such as lighting, floral arrangement, etc.
Decorating with flowers can even enhance the atmosphere of your wedding.
Bring a happy and fresh environment.
To make your wedding environment private, you can also consider renting a side wall.
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