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Workshop greenhouses - Workshop greenhouses industrial awning room, such as how to set up correct

by:COSCO     2020-09-07
Workshop of greenhouses is often referred to as the plant shed again, it is belongs to a kind of industrial frame tent. As the name suggests, this kind of greenhouses is used for use as a workshop workshop, so its safety is particularly important. Both framework profile material and the location of the building for workshop greenhouses are need strict attention. ( 中远- Workshop greenhouses) Workshop greenhouses, then, how to set up correct? ( 中远- Workshop greenhouse structures) First of all, we need to confirm the location of the building before installation. Greenhouses in building workshop before, we need to make sure the ground of the building site leveling and positioning the bottom position, then need to measure the distance of diagonal are equal, and must be strictly ensure the framework of greenhouses bottom rectangle instead of parallelogram, then would look when the positioning column base plate fixed to the corresponding location. Second: need to put all the parts well, waiting for the device. Upon confirmation of good build greenhouses and fixed workshop floor location, we need the pipe according to drawing, node, oblique beam Angle and top node components put right, and then a components comprise a gable, known as herringbone structure. The last: device and top Angle of node. Insert the top node, Angle of the inclined side oblique beam, and the pillar of the upper connecting to the Angle of node of straight side, at the same time will wear screw and screw on the nuts. Above all, installation workshop greenhouses and other industrial warehousing awning room, main is to do the above three points, and then to perform each step in strict accordance with the requirements, set up the frame tent quality must be no problem. The above is a professional frame tent manufacturer for the interpretation of the steps to set up shop greenhouse. Understand the building steps of awning room, then what reason affect the service life of the awning room? Welcome to understand.
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