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You can lose your fear of the dark

by:COSCO     2019-08-20
I\'m afraid of being alone in the darkat least I was.
After taking part in the sixth-grade Rod and stone Wilderness School
I now know that if I get lost outdoors, I can use some skills to calm and sustain me.
I have a lot to learn from any of these classes.
I can\'t say I\'m not going to panic, I\'m a little anxious.
But I can say that if I get lost, I know that my first step right now is to sit down and take a deep breath and stabilize and position myself with what I have learned, not to run, collapsed among the trees.
As part of my quest to become more self-motivated, I took the initiative to take the empowerment trail coursereliant.
About two weeks ago, I headed northwest to Honeywood, Ontario for intensive integration of classroom and hands-on training.
The project includes classes to make a fire with a bow drill kit, identify medical plants, Tan, peel off animal skins and build shelters in the woods.
There are 8 students in my class and a group of volunteers and interns who have helped us hone our new skills.
Skeet Sutherland, founder of the school, is a very enthusiastic and patient teacher who has invited experts to share their experiences
Have an in-depth understanding of tracking, identifying wild food and medicinal plants, and flower beating.
The program not only teaches survival skills, but also aims to develop respect for the natural world, with the aim of encouraging students to impart this knowledge.
The idea is simple in some ways.
Outdoor activities can support you if you are confident.
If you are familiar with some sights, smells and sounds, then you are unlikely to panic if you are lost or in danger.
My first night at the hotel, the first night I spent alone in the tent, didn\'t help much to build my confidence.
The failure of three attempts to pull up the sleeping bag, and the complete misconception of how to fasten the wind shield, led to a sleepless night, shivering.
There is also a large group of Coyotes nearby.
It was a difficult start.
But as we learn how to build a building that stays warm, improve our fire-making skills, learn about the source of food, and sit outside alone after dark, my confidence is growing.
At the end of the day, my tent felt comfortable and a bit like a luxury hotel.
Although I would use a flashlight to navigate some parts of the hotel
Especially to avoid falling into an outdoor toilet.
No, I\'m comfortable.
Coyotes are outside, but I know they don\'t want to have anything to do with me even if I hear their chorus.
I\'m connected to this group through Toronto\'s sports channel. I. N. E Project.
Founder Andrew McMartin is the first person to teach me the bow drill kit and will offer weekend adult workshops in Toronto if you can\'t get out of town.
This fall, I plan to sign up as much as possible for the courses of these two organizations, especially for the courses on medicinal plant tracking.
At the end of the honeymoon I agreed to take part in a female Fire Challenge.
If it goes on, once the snow starts to fall, a group of us will keep a close eye on each other as we try to make coal every week with our bow drill kit.
Emily Mathieu has used the convenience of city life in the past decade.
Now she\'s trying to be more self-conscious. reliant.
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