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You have to understand the sports awning room four big advantage

by:COSCO     2020-09-14
Now favored by the vast number of friends, a lot of sports such as basketball, tennis, swimming, sports awning room at present is the development of application of two tents of basketball awning room, swimming pool, etc. , can not only make the athletes is not affected by the weather factors, it is important to solve the current shortage of sports venues. So sports awning room has the advantage of what we have to understand? A: simple and easy to build. Compared with the traditional concrete buildings, prefabricated sports awning room adopts modular design, make your frame tent structures, like the 'building blocks' for quick and easy, build speed, short cycle, can be quickly put into use. 2: safeguard. Says there frame tent is made of high quality aluminum alloy material for sports as a framework, tarpaulins adopts double coated PVC fabric, has the characteristics of beautiful shape, safe and stable, its security is like traditional architecture. Three: various specifications. Says there tent manufacturer for supply of sports awning room, have 3 - span 50 m, the length of the multiples of 3 or 5 meters of the infinite extension, high edge can be from 2. 3 m - 5 m. The concrete can be increased or decreased according to the actual needs of customers. Sports event is full of passion and enthusiasm, we also have a lot of style, on the exterior herringbone roof, for example, arc roof, peach shape, arch, etc. , can be customized for you according to your demand. Four: the economy. Sports awning room has the very good economy, can save a lot of cost. Sports awning room open flexible, and can be reused, green environmental protection, give you a low cost high benefit of using space! If you have related demand, welcome to inquire or field trips to the factory, we sincerely welcome your arrival!
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