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You know how to work out the awning room price is?

by:COSCO     2020-09-22
technology is introduced in Europe for our country, a lot of people since into the domestic awning room is full of curiosity, but most of them are after knowing its advantage in began to accept and use, it also makes the market gradually appeared thousands of awning room company. Awning room for everybody to care about the price, even if is the same area of the same material, frame tent manufacturer to quote the price for each is different. So as a buyer, you know the awning room price is how to calculate? First of all, we know common sense is: awning room price is affected by the awning room area and size, so the direct awning room price computation formula is: frame tent house price = x price per square meter area. And the price of every square metre is, according to the tent materials used for one material and which is the span of awning room, the edge is high, the top high factors, therefore said that if the size slightly change, awning room price will be different. In addition, awning room price also with tent manufacturer for artificial, supporting facilities, logistics, transportation costs, awning room fixed way and other factors. But above all, we still can be simply interpreted as awning room area is larger, the higher of materials, the price also rose. So says there frame tent manufacturer recommendations for customers: the little span requirements, awning room generally area over one hundred square meters, which need large area can not only on the basis of the original expansion, also can use multiple sets of combination way, so awning room will have the preferential price, but still need according to the actual demand.
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